Work and life have taken over. So...I am on a blogging hiatus until November.


Okay so I wrote and posted this whole blog about something called the 15:30 Challenge. I was so gung-ho about it. I picked out my 15 items and was ready to roll. However, the reality is, I just can not commit to 15 pieces of clothing!

I have a lot of clothes. (Excuse the crappy pic quality. Our digital camera died and I bought a 20 dollar cheapo at Walgreens.)

Anyways, I have a lot of clothes. Like so many I have to move some to the guest room. There is just no way I can be expected to stick to 15 items for a whole month! So needless to say (though clearly I am going to) I have already failed at the 15:30 Challenge.

Ah well...

Her is A's reaction when I told her we should do the challenge

A funny thing happened back on the farm...last night.

Have I ever told you that I am super paranoid? I mean, check-the-closets-when-A-and-I-are-home-alone-to-check-for-would-be-killers, paranoid. I have been this way for a very long time, ever since I lived alone. (Insert dreaming flashback scene)

In 2002 I lived alone for the first time in my life. Since I was in college at the time, and working only part-time at Sears, I could not afford to live in a "nice" apartment. The only upside to my apartment was that it was not an efficiency.

This particular complex was located next to 3 bars, one of which I am pretty sure was a front for the local biker gang. There was also a very convenient store that reeked of tetanus and hepatitis. The size of the apartment was a front room and a bedroom with an attached bath. When I was in the kitchen I could stand with my arms out and touch the wall and the sink. (Keep in mind that my wing-span is minuscule.)

The laundry was community. This means I never washed my clothes. I would wash the necessities in the sink, then dry them on the ceiling fan. Everything else was stuffed into trash bags until my mom would come to visit. (By the way, thanks mom for washing 20 pounds of dirty clothes every time you came to visit me. And for bringing the quarters.) I was certain that I would be kidnapped if I went to the poorly lit laundry facility alone.

I kept a piece of PVC pipe lodged in the lower window pane so it could not be opened from the outside. This didn't really work though because the one time I locked myself out I was able to crawl in my back window...(End flashback)

So last night I was 100% certain I heard someone climbing into A's room. I made J get out of bed and go check. Bless J for loving me.

In my head two men in cat-burglar style clothes were creeping into my sweet baby girl's bedroom. The reality was so different, there was Nothing but A sound asleep. That is until I opened the closet just to make sure...This made a noise and woke A up. Oops.

So longish story sort of shorter--I am crazy paranoid. I hope J never dies or leaves me, or I will be forced to board up all my windows and find a grocery delivery service.

To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable."--Oscar Wilde

I am definitely feeling this quote today. I have been dreading our runs lately, and as the results have seemed to slow (to the point of non-existence) I am somewhat discouraged. I have been reading a lot of FA(fat acceptance for those who have never heard of it) blogs and I really wish I had the body-love these women have. I  wish I could look in the mirror and just be happy with what I saw, but at this moment, I can't. Now, the Couch to 5K was not meant to be the end of my weight struggles by any means, it is just the first step in what I hope will be a healthier lifestyle for both my family and myself, yet I find myself down because I have seen very little change. I am such a paradox!
Back to the FA movement, there is a whole world of overweight, underweight, average weight women out there gladly proclaiming that they are happy just as they are. I find that to be so enviable! These women (most overweight) post daily pictures of themselves in adorable outfits. I have taken fewer pictures in the last year than ever before. I scroll through their blogs and I am jealous. Jealous of their style, their acceptance, and their sheer bravado. (You definitely get a sense of "this is me, like it or shove off" from some of the blogs.) I think if I was a more brave person, I might have a blog like that, a showcase for fatshion, as they refer to it. But as at the moment I am not brave, so I will keep my blog a look into our lives, imperfect and self-loathing* as it may be!

*Please note, I do not loath my life or myself. That is a somewhat dramatic take on things to get a point across. To be fair, I am not sure what the point is....
I seem to have rambled about a lot of things.*

The daily struggle

Life has been a bit uneven at the J household. A was gone for a full week with my mom. I had GT training, so A was whisked away to spend a week with Grams. I envisioned movie nights, a clean house, and bliss-filled sleep. I got none of these things! J and I went to no movies, the house did not get cleaned, and I was found that I missed A so much it was hard to fall asleep. I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I feel like J and I missed an opportunity...
When we met my mom to pick A up on Sunday it was apparent that A was very spoiled. Amazing how one week away can break all the good habits and replace them! Grams had let A sleep in the bed with her, gave her mid-night bottles, and all kinds of "bad" food. To say that the first night back was a rough one is an understatement. A woke up at 11:30 and was up crying and fussing until 12:30. This is the first time in a while that she hasn't slept through the night. I am dreading tonight. I know that makes me sound awful, but I had so enjoyed those nights of sleeping straight till 6:30 or 7. Oh well, the life of a parent I suppose.
The daily struggle comes from A's super strong personality. She is so stubborn! I love it, but some days...Ah well, I should enjoy it while I can.

Also just as a side note, I am currently obsessed with Steampunk fashion. Now, I am not all about the full regalia, but I love the look of it. The boots, the vests, the Victorian blouses, I love it very very much. I think if I meet my weight loss goal this year, I may just have to replenish my wardrobe with a few Steampunk-esque pieces.
That is all for now!

Home Improvement

This weekend J, my mom, my step-dad, my sister-in-law, and I redid our dining room. We converted it into a playroom for A. I can not believe we did it! It was so much work. I will say J did an awesome job, especially since he did most of the work.

A few before pics, obviously we had already started moving things around. I was a little sad, I mean my dining room was pretty! I hand painted the blue and brown rectangles, found matching curtains, and art work. However, we really did not need a dining room. We are lucky enough to have a house with an eat-in kitchen.
What we did need though was a playroom! Baby books and toys had over taken our living room. I am not sure how it happened, it was just like one day we woke up and BAM! We were living in a Toys-R-Us. A's first birthday did not improve things. Our fabulous friends and family brought more toys and books, adding to our already crowded toy chest. After stepping on 15 Little People Animals I had enough.

This is from Thursday night, J and I were pulling up carpet, something that actually turned out to be easier than expected.

A loved the echo sound the room made once the carpet and padding were removed. Carpet removal was hands down the easiest job of the whole project. It took maybe 20 minutes?

These are from Friday night. J is removing the baseboards while his sister and I pick up nails, sweep, and mop. YUCK! This was no fun.

Saturday--J about to cut and fit the last piece! He did such an amazing job. I was very proud. I was more in charge of decorating. Also thanks to my great step-dad, who came to show J how to do this.

A enjoying her new play room! Please note, I put together the lovely white cabinet in the corner. Also I (with the help of my mother) went to Target to get all the cute decor. These pictures are from Saturday. Since then, I have painted a chalkboard, hung curtains, and added some wall art. I am waiting on the white armoire and the vinyl tree to arrive. I will post more pictures once it is really finished.

She loves it already!

This was a big project for us. The first real improvement we have made since buying the house a year ago. I have to say, it has really made me excited to do more! J may not agree though...

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain

Welcome to my first blogging experience. I am not sure what direction this blog will take, but my hope is that it will be a true, brutal account of day-to-day life in the J. household. I have recently found myself on the precipice of adulthood and it frightens me!

A--she is the light of my life. A true spitfire at only a year old, I can not even imagine what the future will hold for her.

J--My dear, long-suffering husband.

S--A spoiled, bratty, baby. The fact that she is a dog has never occurred to her.

L--The sweetest, most break-your-heart eyes you will ever see.

And me, well I would rather read than clean; I hate baking. I love Louisa May Alcott, Neil Gaiman, and Oscar Wilde. I hate all pictures of myself, so you shouldn't expect may of those...