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This weekend J, my mom, my step-dad, my sister-in-law, and I redid our dining room. We converted it into a playroom for A. I can not believe we did it! It was so much work. I will say J did an awesome job, especially since he did most of the work.

A few before pics, obviously we had already started moving things around. I was a little sad, I mean my dining room was pretty! I hand painted the blue and brown rectangles, found matching curtains, and art work. However, we really did not need a dining room. We are lucky enough to have a house with an eat-in kitchen.
What we did need though was a playroom! Baby books and toys had over taken our living room. I am not sure how it happened, it was just like one day we woke up and BAM! We were living in a Toys-R-Us. A's first birthday did not improve things. Our fabulous friends and family brought more toys and books, adding to our already crowded toy chest. After stepping on 15 Little People Animals I had enough.

This is from Thursday night, J and I were pulling up carpet, something that actually turned out to be easier than expected.

A loved the echo sound the room made once the carpet and padding were removed. Carpet removal was hands down the easiest job of the whole project. It took maybe 20 minutes?

These are from Friday night. J is removing the baseboards while his sister and I pick up nails, sweep, and mop. YUCK! This was no fun.

Saturday--J about to cut and fit the last piece! He did such an amazing job. I was very proud. I was more in charge of decorating. Also thanks to my great step-dad, who came to show J how to do this.

A enjoying her new play room! Please note, I put together the lovely white cabinet in the corner. Also I (with the help of my mother) went to Target to get all the cute decor. These pictures are from Saturday. Since then, I have painted a chalkboard, hung curtains, and added some wall art. I am waiting on the white armoire and the vinyl tree to arrive. I will post more pictures once it is really finished.

She loves it already!

This was a big project for us. The first real improvement we have made since buying the house a year ago. I have to say, it has really made me excited to do more! J may not agree though...

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