To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable."--Oscar Wilde

I am definitely feeling this quote today. I have been dreading our runs lately, and as the results have seemed to slow (to the point of non-existence) I am somewhat discouraged. I have been reading a lot of FA(fat acceptance for those who have never heard of it) blogs and I really wish I had the body-love these women have. I  wish I could look in the mirror and just be happy with what I saw, but at this moment, I can't. Now, the Couch to 5K was not meant to be the end of my weight struggles by any means, it is just the first step in what I hope will be a healthier lifestyle for both my family and myself, yet I find myself down because I have seen very little change. I am such a paradox!
Back to the FA movement, there is a whole world of overweight, underweight, average weight women out there gladly proclaiming that they are happy just as they are. I find that to be so enviable! These women (most overweight) post daily pictures of themselves in adorable outfits. I have taken fewer pictures in the last year than ever before. I scroll through their blogs and I am jealous. Jealous of their style, their acceptance, and their sheer bravado. (You definitely get a sense of "this is me, like it or shove off" from some of the blogs.) I think if I was a more brave person, I might have a blog like that, a showcase for fatshion, as they refer to it. But as at the moment I am not brave, so I will keep my blog a look into our lives, imperfect and self-loathing* as it may be!

*Please note, I do not loath my life or myself. That is a somewhat dramatic take on things to get a point across. To be fair, I am not sure what the point is....
I seem to have rambled about a lot of things.*

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