A funny thing happened back on the farm...last night.

Have I ever told you that I am super paranoid? I mean, check-the-closets-when-A-and-I-are-home-alone-to-check-for-would-be-killers, paranoid. I have been this way for a very long time, ever since I lived alone. (Insert dreaming flashback scene)

In 2002 I lived alone for the first time in my life. Since I was in college at the time, and working only part-time at Sears, I could not afford to live in a "nice" apartment. The only upside to my apartment was that it was not an efficiency.

This particular complex was located next to 3 bars, one of which I am pretty sure was a front for the local biker gang. There was also a very convenient store that reeked of tetanus and hepatitis. The size of the apartment was a front room and a bedroom with an attached bath. When I was in the kitchen I could stand with my arms out and touch the wall and the sink. (Keep in mind that my wing-span is minuscule.)

The laundry was community. This means I never washed my clothes. I would wash the necessities in the sink, then dry them on the ceiling fan. Everything else was stuffed into trash bags until my mom would come to visit. (By the way, thanks mom for washing 20 pounds of dirty clothes every time you came to visit me. And for bringing the quarters.) I was certain that I would be kidnapped if I went to the poorly lit laundry facility alone.

I kept a piece of PVC pipe lodged in the lower window pane so it could not be opened from the outside. This didn't really work though because the one time I locked myself out I was able to crawl in my back window...(End flashback)

So last night I was 100% certain I heard someone climbing into A's room. I made J get out of bed and go check. Bless J for loving me.

In my head two men in cat-burglar style clothes were creeping into my sweet baby girl's bedroom. The reality was so different, there was Nothing but A sound asleep. That is until I opened the closet just to make sure...This made a noise and woke A up. Oops.

So longish story sort of shorter--I am crazy paranoid. I hope J never dies or leaves me, or I will be forced to board up all my windows and find a grocery delivery service.

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