Updates and excitment

This time of year is extra hectic for teachers I think. With the first TAKS test in a little over a week, it is crunch time. I feel like we are so far behind thanks to the 2 weeks we lost to weather and benchmarking. I have to remind myself that there is nothing that can be done, except to adapt and overcome. The worst part though, is that as soon as we take the Writing TAKS, we have Spring Break, and then a little over a month until the Reading TAKS. Poor 7th grade students (and English teachers) it is very difficult to prepare them for 2 TAKS tests in one 50 minute period a day. I think in the end though, they will do a great job.

A and I had a lot of extra time off this month. We weren't able to get out during the snow days. (My driving skills are not up to par when it comes to ice.) The first 3 days we were home it was too cold to even go out! Then on the 4th day, the real snow came, and it was too much to resist. We lasted about 5 minutes before she lost her mittens and was ready to come in.

J and I joined a local gym on New Year's Eve, and I have to say, we have been doing a really good job of going! I am addicted to spin. I can only go 4x's a week, but I would go everyday if I could. It is amazing how great you feel after. During, well, that seat is mighty uncomfortable, but once your booty goes numb it is smooth sailing.

J and I also just booked a trip to London. We will be married 5 years this August (together for 8 total!). So we decided to take a vacation sans A. Then, we found out who was playing at Bonnaroo and decided to do that too! I have never before gone to a multi-day music fest, I am nervous. I have a family member and some friends that have been though, so they are advising us on what we need to know. Right now, the summer is promising to be super!

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