Landscape Land

J and I took it upon ourselves to get our horrible backyard in shape. We also decide our not-entirely horrible front yard needed a clean up. Let me be completely honest, the backyard is still a horrible horrible mess. We need major renovation to our backyard.
1st--We have no patio. We have literally a 3x2 landing off our back door.
2nd--No shade. There are no trees or covered areas in our backyard.
3rd--The outdoor fireplace thing. It is in the back, by the fence, with no seating anywhere near it.
4th--Strange lilac bushes that attract bumble bees when blooming.
5th--Odd white edging.

So those problems are what we face in our backyard, but we can not financially tackle them all right now. We figured the easiest one to remedy was the darn lilac shrubs. They were pretty enough, but the bumble bees! Yikes. We could not even sit back there during the day while they are in bloom. J and I set out to dig these up. We figured, hey, we watch DIY and HGTV, how hard could it be? Turns out, very!

After about two digs, I abandoned J to mow the front yard, sprinkle the weed seed stuff, and put our new hose house together. J persevered though! He managed to get most of one dug out. I came back while A was napping and we bounced, twisted, and pulled until finally that darn bush/tree/shrub came out.

*I would show you a picture of the large hole in our backyard, but the other problems still exist,

We were ready to start the second lilac removal, but after about 10 minutes we threw in the towel. We cleared the backyard, and I mowed. By the time, A had risen from her nap. So we decided Pei Wei was in order. No cooking.

Today (Sunday) we worked on the front. Our front yard really isn't so bad. We needed to pull weeds, trim the shrubs, and plant new flowers. I am so excited about the tri colored flox we found.

Before: Too tall shrubs, weedy flower bed, and old bulbs.

 I found this little (big) guy hiding behind the bushes.
Our super helper.

 J raking out the trimmed leaves.
We thought this was a better way for her to help, by watching Sesame Street in her tent.

After clearing out all the weeds and trimming everything, we layed out the flowers, to get an idea of what we had. We came in, ate lunch, watched 2 episodes of Buffy on DVD, and put A down for a nap.


 Our rough layout.

Hurray! Plants in the ground!

Then came the fun part! Being DONE! *

*For now.

Date Night

The Denton Square.
 So my lovely mother agreed to watch A for a few days over Spring Break. This meant that J and I had the opportunity to go out on a date! The original plan was to go to a movie and dinner. However, per usual, things did not go to plan.

Problem #1--I had zero desire to see any of the movies showing. I wanted to see Cedar Rapids, but it was not showing anywhere near us.

Problem#2--J had a personal training appt at 5:30*.

*His trainer was running 15 minutes behind.

Problem #3--J did not get done with his training until 6:15 so I had to sit in the gym parking lot and wait.

Problem #4--We could not decide where to eat.

Problem #5--We did decide where to eat, but were headed in the wrong direction.

Problem #6--What should we do after dinner?

Problem #7--Our decision to go bowling was quickly shot down by the crowded parking lots at both Denton bowling alleys.

Despite all of these problems, we had a great night. We went to dinner at the Abbey Inn, on the Denton square, followed by a visit to a new (used) music shop and Beth Marie's. We ate ice cream on the courthouse lawn under the full moon. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

My jealousies are many....


I am very guilty of harboring the green-eyed monster. Very, very guilty. Usually it starts innocently enough, a rouge thought. But before I know it, I have spiraled. I become envy in shoes. A typical jealousy fit goes as follows:

Step 1: See a lady with nice hair.
Step 2: Think to myself, "Gee, she has nice hair."
Step 3: Twinge of envy, "I wonder how long it takes her to get her hair to look like that."
Step 4: Stab of jealousy, "Why won't my hair do that?!"
Step 5: Dangerous level of envy, "I hate my hair. It sucks. Why am I the only one without nice hair?"
Step 6: Full blown envy induced coma, "I WANT THAT HAIR!!!!"
Step 7: Defeat, "I will never have hair that nice. Life sucks. I suck. Whatever."

This cycle also can be applied to clothes, jewelry, shoes, height, weight, and eyelash length. As I mentioned in the blog title, my jealousies, they are many.