Date Night

The Denton Square.
 So my lovely mother agreed to watch A for a few days over Spring Break. This meant that J and I had the opportunity to go out on a date! The original plan was to go to a movie and dinner. However, per usual, things did not go to plan.

Problem #1--I had zero desire to see any of the movies showing. I wanted to see Cedar Rapids, but it was not showing anywhere near us.

Problem#2--J had a personal training appt at 5:30*.

*His trainer was running 15 minutes behind.

Problem #3--J did not get done with his training until 6:15 so I had to sit in the gym parking lot and wait.

Problem #4--We could not decide where to eat.

Problem #5--We did decide where to eat, but were headed in the wrong direction.

Problem #6--What should we do after dinner?

Problem #7--Our decision to go bowling was quickly shot down by the crowded parking lots at both Denton bowling alleys.

Despite all of these problems, we had a great night. We went to dinner at the Abbey Inn, on the Denton square, followed by a visit to a new (used) music shop and Beth Marie's. We ate ice cream on the courthouse lawn under the full moon. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

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