My jealousies are many....


I am very guilty of harboring the green-eyed monster. Very, very guilty. Usually it starts innocently enough, a rouge thought. But before I know it, I have spiraled. I become envy in shoes. A typical jealousy fit goes as follows:

Step 1: See a lady with nice hair.
Step 2: Think to myself, "Gee, she has nice hair."
Step 3: Twinge of envy, "I wonder how long it takes her to get her hair to look like that."
Step 4: Stab of jealousy, "Why won't my hair do that?!"
Step 5: Dangerous level of envy, "I hate my hair. It sucks. Why am I the only one without nice hair?"
Step 6: Full blown envy induced coma, "I WANT THAT HAIR!!!!"
Step 7: Defeat, "I will never have hair that nice. Life sucks. I suck. Whatever."

This cycle also can be applied to clothes, jewelry, shoes, height, weight, and eyelash length. As I mentioned in the blog title, my jealousies, they are many.

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