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Four generations together. Easter 2010.
10 Lessons I Learned from my Mom...

10. Age is just a number.
My mom dresses, acts, and looks 10-15 years younger than she actually is. I hope it is good genes, but I suspect it is more than that. She likes to dance and be the center of attention. She is happy, and it is reflected in her actions. This in turn makes her appear younger than she really is.

9. Shoes and clothes can come from the kids department.
Both my mom and I have small feet. At times this seemed like a curse, until we discovered shopping together, that shoes from the kid's section fit just as well. Plus they are cheaper! In my closet right now, I have at least six pairs of shoes from the kid's department. This same lesson applies to clothing, provided you find the right cut.

8. Hair was meant to by dyed. (And it will grow back.)
I have had many a bad hair cut. But guess what, she was right, it DID grow back. I have dyed my hair since I was in the 7th grade, mostly because I watched my mom change hers. She has the opinion that hair is just one more accessory. I can remember her having Bozo the Clown orange hair and my own being maroon, but we always found a way to fix it. (Or live with it!)

7. Always say thank you.
Okay, so I know she learned this from her mom. And really, shouldn't we all know this? Seriously, just be polite.

6. Hunans is the greatest Chinese food on Earth.
Every Sunday when my parents were married, and we lived in Archer City, we had lunch at Hunans. I have been ruined for all other Chinese food restaurants.

5. Don't let fickle friends run your life.
Some friends are forever, you will realize this once you have a fickle friend. A fickle friend is one that fades out after a year or two, or gets mad and drops you for no apparent reason. My mom taught me to let the fickle ones go and hang on to the ones that are true. She has followed this sound advice and is still best friends with two women from her childhood.

4. Moms always know more than you think they do.
I learned this lesson the hard way. One night a friend and I had gone out to a party. We came home to my house, thinking we were being quiet and discreet. Turns out, we weren't. Mom was at my door the next morning very early asking how the party went. Moms almost always know.

3. Everyone needs someone to talk to.
I think that goes without explaining.

2. Do what you have to do to be happy.
My parents were married for 11 years. A lot of people would have stayed that way. Sometimes though, it is not what is best for you or your family. You can't stay unhappy just because people might talk. If happiness for you means X, do X.

1. Family comes first.
Okay, this is the most important lesson my mom taught me. This is not something she ever sat down and told me, but she taught me nonetheless.
After my parents got divorced, we moved to Albany. After a while, my mom met C. She and C hit it off, within a year and half, they were engaged. I was in the 8th grade. I was also selfish. I loved Albany. I had friends, a life, and was comfortable. Mom wanted to marry C and move us to Weatherford. I threw a fit. Literally. I told her she was ruining my life, and lots of other dramatic 13 year old crap. A few days (maybe months, I can't recall) she told me the wedding was off. She and C had broken up because she didn't want to move us. Of course I felt like dog poo. I can remember laying in her bed while she cried and I cried. I begged her to move us, I would be okay! Weatherford would be great! She knew I was lying, and she told me it was okay. My mother gave up (what she thought) was her last chance to marry a man she loved.
Time went on. She and C got back together, and "dated" until my brother and I were out of high school. We both graduated from Albany High School. By the time mom and C were married they had been together 10 years. I think that shows me how far my mother would go to put her family first. I hope someday to be half the mom to A that she has been to me.

Happy Mother's Day!

*This post was inspired by one I read on Jezebel.

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