A is two...

On May 20th my baby became a little girl. She turned two. I try to remember this first few days, weeks, and months, but it all seems like a blur. So, here is a quick photo recap of the last two years!
May 20th, 2009. The Bug was due on May 15th, but she decided to be fashionably late.  

This is the day we left the hospital. I love that her hand is under her chin. She was already showing a bit of the attitude I know and love.

Her first school picture.

Halloween 2009. She didn't actually do any trick or treating, but she was a great helper.

The Bug turns one!

A quick trip to Albany, to watch a football game.

Her first haircut. She did a great job.

Christmas 2010.

A turns two!

It has been such an amazing two years. My daughter is no longer a baby, and yes, this makes me sad. Given how quickly the first two years went by, I have to savor every moment I have with her. She is already so strong willed, smart, and funny...I wish time would slow down, just for a while. I can see the glimpses of the woman she will be, and this makes me happy. My baby is gone, but the toddler she has been replaced with promises to make life interesting.


  1. How fun to see the pics together, how she has grown and changed and become her own little person!

  2. Hey Allie! They grow up so fast, it is amazing. You know this all too well :)