Closet Makeover!

Let me preface my post by saying I am not proud in any way of the condition of my closet. Those that have lived with me (or know me well) know that I am very particular about some things, and totally lazy and a slob with others. My clothes are something I am sloppy with. I can remember clearing a trail from my door to bed through the clothes on my floor in high school (and college). So, in the vein of brutal honesty....I am going to show you my closet before the wonderful makeover it received.
Don't judge me too much.


Okay, so as you can see, my closet was a mess! I keep saying my closet, technically J and I share this, but all that stuff on the ground is mine. And, I had actually moved a few things out before I started taking pictures. (Like I said...honesty)

We decided the best and most affordable option for us was to add some shelves, sweater cubes. and something to hold belts/scarves. I had also found an earring storage project I wanted to do. So this morning we headed to Lowe's. We picked up four shelves, three for the closet and one for the laundry room, the brackety things that go with it, and the other items we needed. Then we went to Target to get the sweater cubes. (Then we got side tracked, spent 30 minutes at Cutie-Patootie and an hour at the mall.)

We cleaned everything out of the closet floor, vacuumed and steam cleaned it, for good measure, then let it dry. Once it was dry, J went to work.

A small improvement.

I went to work on a few small DIY projects and J went to work on adding the shelves. He did it very quickly! Even with A helping. It took him 20 minutes, maybe. 
New shelves!

As you can see, A was a big helper! Also, those shelves look great! Yes, this means, we (I) are losing a rack for clothing, but I think the gained sanity will make up for it. I had shoes in the closet and shoes in the bedroom and shoes in the living room and shoes in the dining room. I have a lot of shoes.

Final product:

So there it is! The final product! Or at least the mostly final product. I need to find somewhere to put the cold weather accessories and wash about 8 more loads of laundry and put them away. Also, I had to make a few decisions about what shoes to keep. I literally ran out of room, and I can not go back to shoes everywhere. So here is a bucket of shoes that did not make the cut. 

It is okay, most of these were shoes I rarely wore, or have replaced with a cuter version. Also, for perspective, here are J's shoes. There was no more storage room for his shoes, so I said he could put his in the floor, so long as they stay out of the way. I don't think it will be a problem.

J's shoe pile. 4 pairs of shoes.
So, what do you think of our closet makeover?

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