London Calling, Day 1

Day 1

We left DFW for Charlotte, then Charlotte to Gatwick. The flight from DFW was a little bumpy, and the flight to London was loooooooooooooooong. As someone who has rarely flown, I wasn't mentally prepared for over 8 hours on a plane. The good news, we had tv's where we could pick from about 10 movies. The bad news, they did not work the entire way there. The plane to Gatwick was 2-4-2 across, and we were thankfully, in a 2. We flew overnight, so after about 4 hours on the plane, we both crashed.

London 7:40 am. Texas 1:40 am.

J at Victoria Station
We did not have time to waste, so we got started. Gatwick is a 30 minute train ride from London, so we rode the Gatwick Express in to Victoria Station. We also did the "local" thing and bought Oyster cards. Oyster cards are great, they were pre-paid cards that you scan for the tube, rather than buying a ticket each time. 

We took a bus (the DLR was closed) to the closest area to our hotel in the Docklands-Limehouse area of London. The DLR is an above ground rail system that connects to the tube at Bank. We had about a 5 minute walk from that station to our hotel. It was not a touristy area, but we didn't mind.

J walking down Butcher Row. Imagine that in a really scary Vincent Price voice.

The dark tunnel we had to walk through to get to the hotel.

After dropping all of our bags off, we went back to the bus stop and the tube and headed for the Tower of London. The Tower was amazing. I find it so hard to picture all of these castles and fortresses being hand made. We spent about 2 hours roaming around the Tower, before heading back to our hotel to actually check in.
A raven from the Tower of London.

Our first night ended with a trip on The London Eye. It was amazing. We were able to view almost the entire city from one of the pods. If you are unfamiliar with the London Eye, it is essentially a giant Ferris wheel. 

Those tiny dots are people!

The entire rotation takes 30 minutes. The pod holds about 20 people at one time. 

After our ride on the eye, we wandered around for a while, basking in the beauty of the Thames, Big Ben, Parliament, and all the people. We found our way to a pub, The Red Lion. Here we had our first round of fish and chips. J had mushy English peas as well.

Our first day in London was a great one. The ride on the eye was truly a highlight of the trip.

Coming soon, Mind the Gap--Day 2.

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