Mind the Gap: Day 2

Day 2 was filled with walking. We started at Buckingham Palace (well, the Royal Mews then BP), walked to Harrods, then to Hyde Park, and then from Hyde Park to Kensington Palace.

In the photo to the left, I am sitting on the side of the palace. The man in the background was wearing a fedora, a tie, and a leather jacket, while reading a newspaper, and drinking Dr. Pepper and Jack Daniels. The bottle was next to him. J was sure he was undercover secret service for the Queen!

We walked along the fence to the front or main entrance to Buckingham, and it was breath-taking. The gates alone were massive. The coat of arms on the front was so intricate.

From Buckingham Palace we walked along the Green Park, through the Wellington Arch, onwards to Harrods. I had to go to Harrods. If only to ride the Egyptian Escalator. Harrods was everything I thought it would be, floor after floor of overpriced shopping wonderment. The only item we bought was a gift for A, but boy, if I had money....damage would have been done! We did spend money in the food hall as well. Here we picked up the makings of a picnic and made our way to Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is crazy. I guess being from rural-ish Texas, I am not used to going from massively busy traffic to a quiet, green, park. It is like an oasis in the middle of a loud, dirty, noisy desert.

While in Hyde Park we walked the length of The Serpentine. I spent a good 30 minutes laughing at the ducks and geese as they turned themselves vertical fishing for whatever it is that grows in the bottom of The Serpentine.

We made our way from Hyde Park to Kensington Park, our goal: Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace is currently open to the public for touring, but not the apartments where the royals lived (or still live). It is undergoing construction though, like most of London, in preparation for the upcoming Olympics. We decided we didn't need to tour the palace. Instead, we opted for tea at The Orangery. 

The Orangery was amazing! It used to be a greenhouse where they actually grew oranges. The center pieces were real little orange trees! The pictures above is a collage of sorts of our time. The tea itself was lovely as well. We had the Orangery special, which included all the food pictured above (one stand a piece!) and a full pot of orange tea. The tea is probably the best hot tea I have ever had. The sandwiches were....different. Cucumber and cream cheese=good, ham and cheese=good, cheese and marmite=not for me, salmon and cheese=didn't even try it. The cakes and crumpets were so good, but it was way too much food.

After all this, we were exhausted. We walked up the Kensington gardens and caught the tube back to our hotel, took a nap, and then headed back to the Westminster area to see everything at night.

We had dinner at The Sherlock Holmes, fish and chips again! 
After dinner we wandered down near the Eye. I wanted to see everything lit up at night. While we were there, we indulged in a Wonder Waffle and the street performers. There was a fantastic band playing covers and an older woman dressed as a yeti.

I think this was my favorite day of our trip, but stay tuned anyway! All the world's a stage: Day3.

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