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Recently Ali over at Wardrobe Oxygen posted about knowing your own personal style versus copying the style of a blog you follow. I thought it was a very interesting article, and one the generated a lot of feelings in her readers. It also got me thinking about the direction of my own blog.

Those of you who know me know that I love clothes. Cardigans and socks especially. When at work an outfit seems incomplete to me without a cardigan, colorful tights, or oddly patterned socks. I gain ideas from friends, TV, and blogs.

I don't read fashion magazines, I never did. A lot of that comes from growing up in a very small town (less than 2000 people) that did not offer easy access to shopping. You had to learn to dress within the confines of the stores readily available and make it your own. DFW was about a 3 hour drive, so on rare occasions we got to go "good" shopping in Fort Worth.

In high school, and the first few years of college, I wore what I wanted, and often it was out there. I also wore a lot of club wear, things I would NEVER wear now. I can remember asking a boy to cut a car seat belt out of a car for me. I used part of an old dance costume to fasten it together. It was from a GM. (Anyone remember that!) It literally clicked in the front and was held together in the back by a stretch silver sequin belt. I loved it. I also remember showing up to a party in brown suede pants and a backless (!) pink leopard shirt with brown suede fringe. How many things are wrong with that outfit??? The point was though, I had my own personal style. I put my own flair into what I wore. 

I still do that now, but my taste has changed. A lot. In the ten years since high school I have gotten married, graduated from college, gotten a great job, and had a baby. My body and my taste reflect all these changes. I can't rock the sequin seat belt anymore. It is nothing to be sad about, it just is. I often wore sleeveless shirts, which I do now, just under a cardigan (unless it is 105 degrees outside). I often wore shorts. Today, I do not even own a pair of shorts. Personal style evolves. You find new things to inspire you, new fashions that look good on you, and maybe even a new body to dress.

You may notice a few changes around this blog. I am gearing up to start occasionally posting outfits. It will not be a fashion blog, in the true sense, because I will keep posting about general life that happens around here. I will keep sharing stories from my past. I just want to add clothing posts into the mix as well. I also hope that those of you who do read this blog will enjoying seeing my outfits. If you don't, that is okay too! We all have our own personal style.

Like the water spots? I promise I looked better at the actual wedding.

Dress: Loft
Cardigan: Macys
Belt: Torrid
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Old, no clue
So, here is my first outfit....Today was my cousin's wedding, and I should have taken the pictures before the wedding and reception. In true me form, I got deodorant on the side, water spots on the front, and my hair is frizzy. I had planned on using the no-heat curl method, and the last two times I did it, it worked perfectly. Today because I had a special occasion, it didn't. (It was my fault, I should have slept on it.) Also, my cardigan is too small. Awesome. However, it is the only black one I have that doesn't have holes in it! My favorite one literally fell apart on the day of my Pepaw's funeral. I really need to learn how to sew. You can also see A's hand prints on the front of my dress. True to life right?

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