Two Tails of Love.

We bought Sophie the May before we got married in 2006. She was part of a litter of 8 for sale in front of CiCi's. J called me at work (back when I was still working for T-Red) to say that he had found dachshunds for sale. He was thinking of getting a little all brown one, but there was one he thought I might like. She was black and white and brown and gray. And the runt. I screamed Yes! Number 8 was ours, but we thought Sophie Peanut was a better name.  She is supposed to be a mini, but she isn't. Even when she is not fat, she is not a true mini. That is okay though, we love her as is!

A year and a half later we were at some Denton festival and I visited the ASPCA's booth. My heart was breaking, and I begged J for another dog. It will be good for Sophie I told him. (Sophie really did need some socialization, trust me.) The dogs at the actual festival were all already adopted, but they had more at PetSmart. So J (being the great man that he is), drove us to PetSmart. While there, it took one look at "Patsy" to know she was meant to be a part of our family. Patsy was a transfer from another shelter where she had run out of time. She was 9 months old, a mutt, and scared. We fell in love. It was very difficult at first. We changed her name, she did not look like a Patsy! Her new life, free from whatever bad had befallen her before deserved a new name. Thus, Lucy TuTu was born.

It was not easy. Lucy was (and in some cases still is) very skittish. She hates loud noises, does not like to be caged, and used to flinch when you went to pat her head. We knew it would be tough, we had no idea what she had been through before the ASPCA found her. However, for putting in time and love, we have been rewarded with the sweetest dog ever. Our lives are fuller for having these two be a part of it. Sophie is high maintenance, Lucy is a little neurotic, but they make our lives complete. For the brief time I get to spend with them, I want their lives to be safe, fun, and happy. And they will repay me in kind.

Wonder what she is thinking...


Lazy bones.

Lucy, hiding from my camera.

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