Confession Time

#1: I think the empty soap dispensers from Bath and Body Works should be saved, rinsed out, and used for other things. (Pencil holders maybe?)

#2: I save cards and gift bags. I just found a drawer that had all of the cards A received for her first birthday. All the gift bags she received for her second birthday are sitting in the corner of my eat-in area.

#3:I have a non-working lamp that no longer matches the decor in my living room, yet it still sits on the entertainment center.

#4: Despite the very real fact that I do not like to skate, I own two pairs of Rollerblades. And I won't sell them.

#5: I keep old makeup boxes, moisturizer boxes, and similar items because I might be able to re-purpose them as gift boxes. (In reality I have done this once.)

Today I had that realization that I might be a pack rat. And I think pack rat now could lead to hoarder later in life. J found a plastic bag from our trip to London and he asked me before he threw it away. I really wanted to keep it. Like, really. I finally told him I was conflicted because of this hoarders fear, and he reminded me that I had a non-plastic bag from London. I can still see the plastic bag sitting in the trash and a part of me thinks, I might be able to salvage it, and use it for something. But the other part, the part that never wants to be on TLC, has me writing this instead.  I am scared to watch the show, who knows what connection I might make.

Does anyone else ever worry about this?

One of THOSE Days

When I first came to college I did not know anyone. I grew up in a very small town. (Very small. Not like when people from cities of 15,000 say that, literally a small town. Albany, TX has a population of less than 2000.) In my graduating class of 48 I was the only one going to UNT.

I met my roommates, they seemed....okay. I was excited and scared and I knew that part of the awkwardness between us was just first day jitters. Or at least that is what I thought. I lived at West Hall, which (at the time) was fairly far from other dorms. The rooms were large, but they housed three people and unfortunately had community restrooms.

My two roommates were both from Round Rock High School. They weren't friends in high school though. Leisel* and Lena* didn't actually get along at all. Luckily, Lena decided college wasn't right for her and left at the semester. Leisel and I got along alright. Sort of. We didn't spend a lot of time together, but we spoke, and I wasn't worried she would kill me in my sleep.

Shortly after Lena left, Leisel started bringing her boyfriend back to our room. I liked Marcus* but not seeing him every night and every morning. Tension was slowly building between Leisel and myself. We stopped talking and I started hanging out down the hall.

The worst day of our co-existence was the day I came back to our room to find the door dead bolted. I could hear the hair dryer going. I gave Leisel the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was getting ready for work, and forgot the door was bolted, and that I came back at this time every day. I knocked. No answer. I went down the hall to my friends room and wasted 10 minutes talking with them. (Leisel's hair was chin length at best, so I figured 10 minutes plus however long before=plenty of time.)

When I got to my door I could still hear the hair dryer going. Hmmm....something wasn't quite right. I knocked again, a little less politely this time. No answer. I banged. No answer. I gave up and went back to my friend's room. ONE HOUR later, I went back and the dryer was off. However, the door was still dead bolted. I knocked rather loudly on the door, and Leisel opened it up. She glared at me, and asked me what my problem was. I just stood there dumb founded. She was mad at me? What? I was the one locked out! How could she be mad at me? When I told her what my "problem" was, she just shrugged her shoulders and told me to mind my own business.

I was so confused!!

Today was like that, but worse.

*Out of common courtesy I did change the names of everyone involved, but not too much.

5 Years and Counting

This won't be a long post. I promise I really am trying to be more frequent in my postings, adding more variety to my posts, and make them meaningful all at the same time. I really have been meaning to do outfit posts, but I haven't worn anything nice! Part of the beauty of being a teacher is the casual summer attire. Work "officially" starts back on Monday, so I hope to have a more regular posting schedule then.

Now, on to the topic at hand...

10 years ago I came to UNT for college, 9 years ago I met a man and we became friends, 8 years ago I fell in love with that same man, and 5 years ago we were married. I think I have been very lucky in love.


It is 110 Degrees and I Hate Everything*

I think the title of my post sums it up. I am desperately ready for fall, though in TX, fall can often feel like summer light. I hate the heat, I hate that my TV died last night, I hate that I got up, went to the gym at 5:00 this morning and there was a sub in spin, and I hate that we are going back on a budget.

Oh well right? We will make due. Fall will come, and after that winter (Glorious winter!). I will get to wear my tights and boots. Being on a budget means we can afford a new TV sooner rather than later, so long as we watch other areas. Plus this means we can get out of debt faster.

To counter balance the "hate" I put out in the universe today, here is a list of five things I love:

1. My family--totally cheesy I know, but I do. When A and I went to the store today for groceries (we had nothing to eat, nothing I tell you!) I looked in the rear-view mirror and she was reading her coloring book. I know it doesn't seem special to anyone else, but it made me laugh and smile. Two things I was determined to not do today.

2. My friends--One of best friends has been out of the country for a year, and she is 33 (maybe even 32 now) days away from coming home. This makes me super happy.

3. A future vacation--with some of my friends. We are in the very early stages of planning a girl's trip. Somewhere. Exciting. And NOT 110 degrees. Granted that is almost a year away, but it makes me happy to think about the 5 of us going somewhere new together.

4. Teacher In-service Week--this is probably an unpopular thing to love, but I do! I love getting a week to reconnect with my fellow teachers, catch up on what happened over the summer, plan for the year, and catch my breath before the school year is really upon me.

5. Target's Rotisserie Chicken--I don't have to cook tonight! What's not to love about that?

What do hate and/or love today?