Confession Time

#1: I think the empty soap dispensers from Bath and Body Works should be saved, rinsed out, and used for other things. (Pencil holders maybe?)

#2: I save cards and gift bags. I just found a drawer that had all of the cards A received for her first birthday. All the gift bags she received for her second birthday are sitting in the corner of my eat-in area.

#3:I have a non-working lamp that no longer matches the decor in my living room, yet it still sits on the entertainment center.

#4: Despite the very real fact that I do not like to skate, I own two pairs of Rollerblades. And I won't sell them.

#5: I keep old makeup boxes, moisturizer boxes, and similar items because I might be able to re-purpose them as gift boxes. (In reality I have done this once.)

Today I had that realization that I might be a pack rat. And I think pack rat now could lead to hoarder later in life. J found a plastic bag from our trip to London and he asked me before he threw it away. I really wanted to keep it. Like, really. I finally told him I was conflicted because of this hoarders fear, and he reminded me that I had a non-plastic bag from London. I can still see the plastic bag sitting in the trash and a part of me thinks, I might be able to salvage it, and use it for something. But the other part, the part that never wants to be on TLC, has me writing this instead.  I am scared to watch the show, who knows what connection I might make.

Does anyone else ever worry about this?

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