Gimme Gibbies

I know this blog is a bit of a mis-mash. But, I think, that is reflective of my life. I like fashion, I like clothes so there are some posts related to that. I have amazing friends and I sometimes talk about them.

I am also a family person. I have a husband and a daughter and two crazy dogs. These things have serious sway over my life. I spend the majority of my free time with my little family. With that said...I present a real conversation that I had with my husband on September 9th.

M "I want a gibby."
J "What?"
M "A gibby."
J "What is a gibby?"
M "You mean I have never explained gibbies to you?!"
J "Um no...."
When my brother and I were young we loved pickles. LOVED them. So we would run around screaming gimme gimme gimme! This somehow transformed into gibby gibby gibby, which them became gimme gibby, gimme gibby. Gibby=pickle. I explained all this to J, who was staring at me like I just grew another head.
J "How do you get gibby from pickle? The only letter they have in common is an i."
M "Well that is not true, gibbies has an e."
J "Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't aware of the correct spelling for your made up word."
Awkward silence.
M "A calls Santa Claus, Kitty Claus and reindeer, rein-nana's."
J "Yeah, but those are close. Claus and rein."
M "Well Brother used to call me Sisty and I called him Baboo."
J "Okay I can get Sisty (similar to my full name), but once again the word you made up is just weird."
Another awkward silence.
M "Okay, well, goodnight."
J "You still haven't really explained this."
M "Zzzzzzzzz" (Me pretending to be asleep)

I think it is safe to say I left J more confused than before with this little nugget of information from my childhood.

Mmmmmm a gibby. Photo Via Randomness

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  1. LOL! i think hands down, you two are my favorite couple...well next to ross/rachel and nathan/hailey!