This is So Not One of Those Blogs*

If you are an avid follower of blogs like I am, you are bound to run across those really amazing ones. You know, the ones where the blogger looks like a fraking model and her life is all perfect. She and her dream boat husband ride tandem bikes, roll in the leaves, and take perfect candids in front of their fireplace. Her outfits are always impeccable, quirky, and charming. Her makeup is flawless and her skin glowing. Her hair is loose waves or shiny, straight, and bouncy.

This is (clearly) NOT one of those blogs. All the pictures you have seen of me include bad hair, bad skin, usually some sort of stain, or squinty eyes. Don't expect a change. My life is not perfect. Not even close. I am short. I am fat. I have crazy curly hair. I have bags under my eyes. I am getting gray hair and crows feet. Do I bitch and moan about this things, yes. Would I change some of them if I could? Yes. Am I working on some of them now? Yes. But, if I was suddenly taller (HAH!), skinnier, prettier, or what-have you would my life be better?

Would J love me more? Would A think I was a better mom? Would my friends find me more interesting?

I don't think so...

Do I still envy those perfect (on paper) bloggers? Yes. Would I trade my life for theirs? No. I have am amazing husband (who brings me lunch after I throw his lunch at his head). I have an amazing daughter (who colored on her hands, face, and stomach on the way home from daycare today). I have amazing friends (who call me out on my moaning and groaning). These things make my imperfect life the most perfect it can be.

So no, this is not one of those stylish lifestyle blogs. This is my life blog. It sure as heck isn't perfect. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

True to life example, the Bug is looking away, I am talking and mid-blink. This was the best picture of us from the whole weekend.

 *I know the lives of those bloggers aren't perfect either, but they do a great job of making it seem that way. I wish I was as talented with words, photography, and fashion as those ladies!


  1. You are too funny and I feel the same way. I just had to re-define my idea of 'perfect.' Now, as I see it, we have the perfect lives; husbands and babies that love us for just being us.

  2. i think you are perfect, and i love you just the way you are!