A Typical Day?

We got a new dining room table this weekend. It is phase one in my (imaginary) brand new kitchen project. I am hopeful that we will be able to add a tile back splash, stain the cabinets, and maybe even change out the counter tops. Anyway, that is not the point of this post. This point is, we got a new table.

A loves the new table. She has been gushing over it ever since the day it arrived. It is a counter-height table, with swivel chairs. She no longer wants to sit at her table (a pink table that Memaw Darling bought her for Christmas when she was still a tiny baby). So to bribe her to keep using that table, I let her play with Play-Doh.

I know this makes me seem like a mean mom, but generally I feel like Play-Doh is a weekend activity. That crud gets everywhere! I hate picking up little clumps of blue, green, or purple from all over my house.

So she is really excited to get to play with the doh, but then suddenly she runs off. I don't worry about it, she is either in her room or her playroom. When she comes back she is naked. Except for a pink Santa hat. She then sits down at her table and begins to play.

She left the room. Took off her clothes. Found the pink (with glitter and sparkles) Santa hat from inside her dress-up clothes bin. Put it on. Then came back to play. Oooookay....

Then as she is playing with her play-doh she begins to sing. Not a real song, just words. She basically was singing her actions. I know I am biased, but it was pretty funny.

The thing is, none of this surprised me. I didn't bat one eye. This is just another Wednesday night at the J home. Throw in two barking dogs stealing the socks out of the hamper, and two parents who really just want to watch Criminal Minds, and you have an idea of the life we lead. Exciting right?

Also, before she went to bed, I fixed A's hair into a "Daybook" inspired topknot to match my own that I wore to work today. Then we took about 30 pictures. These are the best two. (I use the term best loosely.)

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