Do You Really Want to Smell Like Her?

One of my occasional guilty pleasures is America's Next Top Model. About 4 years ago, it was can't miss tv for me. I have not watched the last 6 or so cycles, but this year is an "All-Star" cycle. I use the term all star loosely...Most of these girls are working models in the sense that they book jobs, but outside of the top model viewing community, they don't have name recognition.

The most recent episode had the girls creating their own scent. All I kept thinking, was, would someone really want to smell like a top model cast off? I mean these girls (as pretty as they may be) were all losers on their cycles. I already feel like the celebrity perfume market is seriously overcrowded, why would I want a non-celebrity scent too?

One of the girls (Bianca) was complaining about the challenge not being genuine....Again, think about where you are. You are a contestant on a reality show, and that reality show is America's Next Top Model. What is genuine about that?

The girl that won the challenge, Lisa, is probably the girl I would want to smell like the least. In her original cycle she peed on herself while wearing an adult diaper. I know people can change, but what she has shown so far this cycle is more of the same. I do not want to smell like the kind of person who pees on themselves.

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