Good (Bad) Movies

This weekend A was out of town, so J and I rented 4 movies. Bridesmaids, Green Lantern, X-Men First Class, and Thor. I know, I know, these are all old movies, but we don't have a lot of opportunity to watch movies on a regular basis. A loves to be the center of attention, and we love to give her that attention. Part of the great thing about having just one darling baby is that we CAN give her a lot of attention. Sometimes, we give her too much.

Anyway, this movie marathon got me to thinking about some of my favorite movies. I love bad, cheesy movies. Movies that other people think are crap are generally high on my list. Some of my favorites include: She's the Man, Centerstage, Eurotrip, The House Bunny, Plan 9....I could go on, but I won't.

I like acceptably good movies too, but a lot of time, the schlocky ones really get to me. Does it have Bruce Campbell in it? I bet I will love it. Does it have a former Disney teen star in it? Love it. Does it involve tired cliches? Count me in. Did Ed Wood have anything to do with it? Duh.

Good (Bad) movies are one of my favorite ways to spend a sick day. (Or they were pre-A). Do you have any secret shame movies?  

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