The Great Costume Debate of '11

Me as a yellow crayon on my 2nd or 3rd Halloween.
I had dreams that for Halloween A would be a yellow crayon. I would pose her and take a picture just like the one of me from one of my Halloweens.

She had other ideas.

When I mentioned the idea to be a crayon in the car she flat out told me no. "No. I will probably be a princess."

Me, "Okay..."

A, "Or a fairy. Or a pink butterfly."

I can't help but note that all of these costumes are very similar to one another. I decided to drop the topic. We drove the rest of the way home practicing our letters. A day later I asked her again if she wanted to be a crayon. Again, the answer was no.  She was still holding tight to the idea of being a fairy, butterfly, or princess.

I mentioned this to my friends and they all said, well you are the mom....but the thing is, I don't want to battle her over this. She is two. But, she is smart and has her own personality. If she does not want to be a crayon then I don't see any point in making her. Her being a crayon was my idea, not hers. She does have her own ideas, dreams, and goals. There are some things I don't compromise on, like what she wears to school (but she does get to pick her accessories). I feel like this is a compromise I can make. If she truly wants to be a princess, butterfly, or fairy then I will go out and find the best costume I can. Maybe in a year she will come around and I can realize my dream of a 2nd generation crayon.

P.S. Today she told me she wanted to be a bunny. Guess who else was a bunny the year after being a crayon....

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