Pinterest Pin to Reality #2--Bunny TuTu

Pinterest Via Posh Tots

What you need: Tulle, a crochet headband, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Cut the tulle into strips. I chose 4 colors, hot pink, pink, pale pink, and white. I bought the 6" spools from Hobby Lobby. This way it only required one cut, as opposed to a large yard of tulle that you have to cut both width and length. When you decide the length you want the tutu to be, cut your strips double that length. So if you want a 5" tutu, cut your strips into 10" pieces.

Step 2: Find something to put the headband around. I used my leg. It was easy. Other sites I saw recommended a book. For me using my thigh was easiest. I sat on the couch and moved it around when I ran out of loops.
Step 3: Fold the tulle in half, then loop it through the 2nd row holes. This is similar to how you might tie a scarf. The 2nd hole works better than the first because if how tight you will pull the knot.

Step 4: Keep going until you have made your way back around.
 Step 5: Go back and add more for additional fullness. Really though, you are done. It is super simple!

My "final" product.*

I hot glued the bunny tail to the band.


I think she likes it!

Bunny Tutu!
Obviously, mine is not quite as posh or polished as the inspiration, but overall I fell pretty happy with the results! *I have added a bit more since I took the pictures tonight.

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