Pinterest Pins to Reality #1

On Sunday I dove into my Pinterest hair and nail board to find a new idea for my finger nails.

Photo Via The Beauty Department
Step 1: Remove any prior nail polish. Wash hands.
Step 2: Use your favorite base coat. I like Sally Hansen's Double Duty.
Step 3: Paint your entire nail with the lighter color. I chose OPI's Glitzerland, a metallic gold.

It looks more true gold in person.

Step 4: Let those suckers dry. My first try I did not wait long enough and the reinforcements stuck to my gold coat. Not good! Wait at least half an hour to make sure the lighter color is totally dry before you attempt the top layer.
Step 5: Place the reinforcements on your nails. You can go with a smaller moon or a larger one, the key is consistency! Once again, I found this out the hard way the first time I tried this. One hand had larger moons, maybe half navy and half gold. The other hand had small moons. Neither way is better than the other, but it looked silly since my hands did not match each other. The tutorial I used recommended cutting small slits in the reinforcements to help them lay flat. DO THAT!
Step 6: Paint your top coat. I used Ulta's Moody Blues.
Step 7: Let it semi-dry then remove the stickers.

Reality, take 2. Much better, but still not quite right.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and loaded up on paint, spray glitter, tulle, and headbands. My goals, make my painted pumpkins and A's bunny tutu costume.

I have yet to do the pumpkins, but I did make the bunny tutu. It looks amazing! I am saving that for a later post, but I will do a step by step tutorial on that as well.

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