The Anti-Martha (For Now)

Top Reasons I am Not Martha Stewart

#7. Just last night, I dropped my glass baking dish on my arm, burned myself, broke the glass, and ruined my cookie bars. (No pictures of this, as I was crying over both the pain from the burn and the fact that I ruined my stinking cookie bars.)

#6. When I cut potatoes for a dish, for every five slices that make it in dish, one falls on the floor.

#5. Every cake I have ever made has been from a box and bad.

#4. I have no magazine, TV specials, or sheet line.

#3. My paper flowers are always lop-sided.

#2. My craft projects ALL require a "test-run" before I can reveal the final product.

#1. I dug tissue paper out of the trash to wrap one of J's Christmas gifts.

There are a lot of other reasons I am the Anti-Martha, but....I am trying to grow! For example, I did make a successful Sopapilla Cheesecake and my tile coasters turned out pretty good. I think I can mimic ideas fairly well, but to come up with my own creative reuses of old sweaters, well I just don't have that gene I guess. I will keep working on embracing my inner Marthaness. Hopefully, I will find my deep hidden domestic goddess. She must be in there somewhere, right?

My not-Martha ready tree. Just for fun.

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