My Week as a Single Mom*

*Technically it was only 3 nights and 4 days, but it felt like a week!!

About a month ago J found out he was going to be attending a conference in California. He works for a local electric company in the accounting/finance department, and the conference was related to their operating system. The conference was going to be held in a little 'ol place called Disneyland. Disneyland!! The most magical place on Earth? Whenever I have to go for training or a conference it is in some 2nd rate hotel, never Disneyland. Technically, they were in Downtown Disney, not the actual park, but still...

We hemmed and hawed about all of us going or not. Generally speaking, most schools have "black-out" days where teachers are discouraged from taking off. The days leading up to major breaks are black-out days. The days J would be gone were the Tuesday-Friday before our Fall (Thanksgiving) Break. We talked it over and decided that A and I would stay for a number of reasons: 1. I technically couldn't ask off anyway. 2. I need to save my days for the chance that A will get sick. 3. Disneyland and plane tickets are expensive.

So with our choice made, I began to work myself up knowing that A and I would be ALONE for 4 days! I know that this probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most people. However, J does a lot around our house. For example, he packs the lunches in the mornings. Usually, A and I leave the house around 7:00, while he does not leave until 7:30, so he packs our lunches and loads us in the car before he gets dressed. He also usually dresses A (I pick out the clothes). Then I, usually, fix her hair. It is a good system, that allows me to get myself ready.

Knowing that J would be gone meant that I would be in charge of getting myself ready, A ready, lunches packed, and the dogs put away. I would also need to make sure A had extra clothes in her school bag.

J being gone also meant that we would be home alone. At night. Alone. You may remember a previous post of mine from way back in September of 2010, A Funny Thing Happened Back on the Farm Last Night, where I discussed how paranoid I can be. I had already made the decision to have A sleep in bed with me, just in case.

So the day arrived. A and I drove J to the airport, got lost trying to leave the airport, stopped and picked up pizza, and finally went home. I immediately checked all the rooms and the windows. I locked the front door, back door, and even the laundry room door that leads to our garage. (This was at 3:30 in the afternoon.) Around 7, I gave A her bath, then we put on our pj's and got a book to read. She feel asleep around 8, and I put her in bed. I put things away, then rechecked all the doors.

This was my pattern every night until Friday.

In the mornings, I got up, got ready, then got A ready. I made things go a bit smoother by picking out our clothes the night before. I would then put the dogs up and then pack our lunches. We made it out the door by 7:00 every morning! I was so impressed with myself.

Those four days made me very thankful that I have J to share the work of raising our daughter. It also made me even more impressed by what single parents do everyday.

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