The True Story of How I Became an Unlikely Troll Collector

Much like Richard Mayhew, from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, I once found myself the unsuspecting owner of a Troll doll collection.

“In actuality Richard did not really collect trolls. He had found a troll on the sidewalk outside the office, and, in a vain attempt at injecting a little personality into his working world, he had placed it on his computer monitor. The others had followed over the next few months, gifts from colleagues who had noticed that Richard had a penchant for the ugly little creatures. He had taken the gifts and positioned them, strategically, around his desk, beside the telephones and the framed photograph of Jessica.”

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My collection started out is a similar manner; my Memaw brought me a Troll doll at Christmas. I, of course, said that I loved it, and I put it out on my bookshelf. To be honest, I didn’t really love it. I mean, I was 15 and it was a troll doll. BUT, in the spirit of being a good grand-daughter I gushed over it. This was my first mistake.

When my birthday rolled around, she gave me 2 trolls. Again, I acted enthusiastic. She reminded me to put them with the other on my bookshelf. I now had three Troll dolls. My collection was forming.

For my next two Christmas and birthday gifts, I would receive Trolls. I think when I left for college I owned close to 20 of the ugly little things. Every opportunity for a gift was an opportunity for a Troll.

I had those little guys out on my bookshelf, until J and I were married. Only then (at the age of 23) did I pack away my Troll dolls. I had been “collecting” them for 7 or 8 years. I had a garbage bag full of the little guys!

I am a little sad to say that I don’t know where they ended up. I hope that I had the good sense to donate them so that some other teenage girl could become an unwitting collector of Troll.
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