A Wasted Day

I spent Friday feeling sick to my stomach and Saturday feeling sick to my stomach. When I woke up today feeling like myself, you would think I would have wanted to get out of the house.

Nope. I watched Blade I, Blade II, and Blade III.

I think it is time to take the Bug to the park, maybe go for a walk. Something to salvage this wasted day!

I hope to have a more substantial blog post next week.

A List to Make Me Feel Better

I don't usually talk about my job on here. This is not by accident. Because I work in education, I have to be somewhat private and guarded about my topics. However, I also want this blog to be a accurate portrayal of my life, and my job is a large part of it.

I always (ALWAYS) knew I would be a teacher. My Memaw worked in the library and the pre-k room  as an aide, my dad is a teacher/coach, my mom is a teacher, my step-mom is a teacher, I have a great-aunt who runs a Montessori school, I have two uncles and two aunts who were or are in education, and of my first cousins-- five teach.

Lately though, I am beginning to understand why so many teachers flame out. This year has been rough. I won't go into detail here, this is not the place for it, but I have felt ready for June since about October. Usually I don't get the "summer blues" until after Easter! It has even gotten to the point where I had a long talk with J over what our options are in the long run.

I know I will continue to teach, that I am experiencing what is known as "The Dip", and that come August I will barely remember why I was feeling this way. I hope.

I will say that this post was initially much more of a rant/whine, but what good will it do me to gripe on here? So instead, I am going to list seven reasons being a teacher is the best job there is.

7. You are molding the future. Scary, scary, scary, but also kind of awesome.

6. You work with amazing people everyday.

5. Teaching will give you the best sense of humor. (I know you probably think all teachers are boring and dry, but trust me on this, we aren't.)

4. The provided breaks are a plus. (I will not say we get three months off, because that simply is not true. I generally spend two weeks of the summer at in-service, plus three weeks before the kids come back getting ready. Writing lesson plans, getting my room ready, continuing education, all of this has to get done. Yes, this is still more time than others have, and I understand that, hence #4.)

3. You have a plethora of current pop culture knowledge at your finger tips. (Want to know what the next big YA book will be? Hang out at a middle school--Okay, don't really do that, you will get in trouble.)

2. You continue to learn.

1. Former students will come back to you and thank you for what you have done.

Love Bugs

Pinterest Via What to Expect

About a week ago I started putting feelers out to A's teacher about a Valentine's Day party. I got a lot of hemming and hawing, but eventually received a no. The reasoning was that because her classmates are all two or three years old, they wouldn't even miss it.

The thing is though....I just can't take that answer. I really hate to be THAT MOM but I did not want A to go to school on the 14th without treats for her classmates. So enter Pinterest.

I decided to make Love Bugs and tape them to granola bars. I thought this would be a perfect non-candy alternative to nothing.

Here are my bugs:
Pretty cute, I think!

Tonight as I was finishing them, A ran in and started asking me if those were the buggies for her class. When I told her yes, she yelled "I'm so excited!" She clearly understands that tomorrow is a special day, and she is excited to bring a small treat for her friends.

30 Before 30--The Rest of the List

30. Participate in a Relay for Life or St. Jude's walk with my friends to support those that have/are battling cancer. (November 2012)
29. Go on a beach vacation with my family.
28. Stick to a budget for 3 months.
27. Paint a piece of art for my house (I have already done this, but would love to do another big piece) I painted a shower curtain, the walls, and a piece of easy art for the Bug's bathroom makeover.
26. Take a girl's trip. Went to Gulf Shores, AL with my three best friends! June 9-June 15
25. Read 10 (new to me) books

  • Outliers
  • Bossypants
  • The Surgeon 
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  • Ms. Perrigran's Home for Unusual Children
  • The Son of Jupiter
  • A Great and Terrible Beauty
24. Go to another music festival
23. Learn CPR
22. Set up an online shop (or Ebay account) to sell all the baby clothes/toys A has out grown. Not an online sell, but we did have a large garage sale in April, and sold all of the big baby items and made a big dent in the clothes.
21. Pay off my 2 biggest credit cards.

20. Find a church home for my family.
19. Take a (mostly) unplanned road trip with the family.
18. Go camping with A. (Campover complete with smores December 2012)
17. Make a beautifully decorated cake.
16. Learn how to sew, the basics. Taught myself (with help from the internet) how to sew on a button!
15. Truly clean out my closet (and my backup closet where I stash the clothes I might want to keep). Taken care of with the garage sale we had in April.
14. Paint both bathrooms. One down, one to go.
13. Master 5 new recipes. Three brand new ones down!
12. Go ice skating.
11. Seriously cut back (maybe even give up) Dr. Pepper for reals.

10. Lose 50 pounds.--(6/17) at 20!! (7/29) at 28. (11/10) at 44!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Find two projects on Pinterest and replicate them.--Love Bugs 2/13 and Water Marbling Nails 3/10
8. Try to increase my blog readership.--Up to 14 followers, had two posts break 300 views, created Twitter feed, and a Facebook page for my blog!
7. Visit a new-to-me museum.
6. Sing karaoke. (I have never done this!)
5. Visit my Pepaw's grave. April 8th, 2012.  Visit my Granny and Grandpa's graves.
4. Sell a tutu dress to someone other than family.Thanks T! October 2012
3. Make a decision regarding grad school. Choice made, yes, but not now.
2. Spend a late night hunting shooting stars and constellations with A and J. (Watched the Perseid meteor shower.)
1. Teach A something new.Taught my Bug how to spell cat and dog, and how to write her name! August 2012