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About a week ago I started putting feelers out to A's teacher about a Valentine's Day party. I got a lot of hemming and hawing, but eventually received a no. The reasoning was that because her classmates are all two or three years old, they wouldn't even miss it.

The thing is though....I just can't take that answer. I really hate to be THAT MOM but I did not want A to go to school on the 14th without treats for her classmates. So enter Pinterest.

I decided to make Love Bugs and tape them to granola bars. I thought this would be a perfect non-candy alternative to nothing.

Here are my bugs:
Pretty cute, I think!

Tonight as I was finishing them, A ran in and started asking me if those were the buggies for her class. When I told her yes, she yelled "I'm so excited!" She clearly understands that tomorrow is a special day, and she is excited to bring a small treat for her friends.

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