Pinterest to Reality--Dress Up Wardrobe

Today, after garage selling all morning, I decided to tackle a little diy project. 

You see, we have a little storage problem. A has more dress up clothes than any one little girl might need. I have no issue with her having all these items, my issue is the fact that they are often all over my house! She has tutus, feather boas, heels, bracelets, earrings, tiaras, purses, hats, costumes, and dresses. Oh the dresses! Today we attempted to pick up her room. I cleaned out a few of her bins, made one for shoes, one for accessories, and one for bags. This still left a giant tub of costumes, tutus, and dresses.

Yes, this is really what her dress up bin looked like! A total mess. It is a wonder she ever found anything to play with at all.

Enter Pinterest, per usual! I found the inspiration picture quite a while ago, but could never find an active link on how to actually create this. I hemmed and hawed for a while, asking J and my step-dad to build me something from scratch. Then, today it hit me. Why create something new, when  I could simply use a dresser I already had. After A was born, we quickly realized we needed more than just a dresser or two. So, we bought two dressers, a book case, and two large plastic stacked drawer dressers. We kept the plastic ones in her closet. Today, because of our decision to have a garage sale and clean out all the older baby clothes/items, I realized the green dressers would be empty. I had a perfect solution to my storage needs!

First, we cleared out the white dresser (4 drawer) that used to hold her pants, skirts, shorts, play clothes, and pjs. Now these items are in the two green dressers (3 drawers a piece), which means everything has its own drawer which I love. After wiping down the white dresser, I got to work.


Step 1: Remove the drawers.
I used a pair of pliers to pull out the little thing (technical term??) that held the drawer into place.

Obviously I had a great assistant!
Step 2: Remove the things (again with the technical terms) that held the drawers in place. I used a phillips head screw driver, super simple.
See? No more brackety things.
Step 3: Paint the inside.
I chose Hibiscus.
I would say this is a bit darker than the real color. I painted the inside of the bottom drawer too. Now, a word, I am already having some issues with chipping. I know this is because of the formica-like material that the dresser is made from, and I also know there are ways to avoid this. The chipping is not bad, but when I slid the drawer back in, I bumped the inside walls, and it left two small chips. Also, when I inserted the rod, it chipped. I touched those spots up, and now you can not tell. I did not sand or prime. Your results may be better if you do.

Step 4: Insert a shower curtain rod.

I measured the inside distance, then at Lowe's bought the smallest size shower curtain rod I could find. I followed the directions on the rod.

Step 5: Hang up your play clothes!
A has not actually seen the finished product yet. She fell asleep in our bed tonight. I can not wait to see her excitement tomorrow morning!

Now, this is not big enough to hold everything. We still have a tub full or tutus and a few costumes. I do think I can fit a few more pieces in this wardrobe though! I am also toying with adding an A to the top in the same hot pink paint.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial/walk through on how to turn an old dresser into a dress up wardrobe. If you have questions, email me, or leave a comment below!

The 90's

I have been reading a website, A House of Lies, and the author has a series where he is rating the most 90's movie of all time. Every single movie he has review has been one I loved. Ace Ventura, Clueless, Hackers, Encino Man, Speed, Mallrats, and so many more. I know a lot of people love the 80's. I get it, I do! The music and the movies are excellent, and it reminds me of being young. However, my real favorite decade has to be the 90's!

I think part of that comes from having been a tween-teenager during that time. In 1990 I was 7, and in 1999 I was 16, so a lot of my formative years were during that 10 year span. Again, I love all things 80's, but I was too young to appreciate many of them when they were first introduced. My culture touchstones of the 80's were the cartoons, My Little Pony, He-Man, etc. The great movies like Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, even The Goonies, I did not experience until later in my life.

With the 90's, I was fully engaged in pop-culture. That is the great thing about tweens and teenagers, they are hyper aware of what is popular and what is now.

Some of the fashion was dodgy, but that is true of every decade! I love the skirt/knee high combo that Cher Horowitz made popular in Clueless. I also had Doc Martins and hiking boots.

The music was/is great. Some of it is totally crap of course, but again, the same can be said about the 80s, aughts, and so on.

One of my favorite 90's movies is The Saint. My number one reason: Val Kilmer. He was so handsome in that movie.

Now, well he is less beautiful poet, and more someones dad.  You also can not forget how lovely Elizabeth Shue is in this movie. Aside from the beautiful cast, the movie itself is also good. Elizabeth Shue's character is a scientist on the verge of solving/creating cold fusion. Simon Templar (Kilmer) is a master thief who bases his identities on the names of the saints. I mean, that is a cool concept! I know I have admitted in the past that my taste in movies is questionable, but I will argue the merits of this movie with anyone!

Another favorite of mine is Can't Hardly Wait. Obviously these movies are on different ends of the spectrum. Can't Hardly Wait focuses on Ethan Embry's Preston who has been in love with Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt, as if it could be anyone else!) since the first day he saw her. Four years of high school go by, and Preston finally has him moment when Amanda gets dumped by her boyfriend on graduation day. The movie itself falls in to a lot of the 90's cliches, but go back and watch it again. You will be surprised at how many faces you recognize.

Anyway, I don't know what the point of this post really is, but I think we can all agree that Val Kilmer used to be super hot.

Day 10 (But Workout 8) JM 30 Day Shred +Other Stuff!

Okay first things first, today is the tenth day since I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. However, I am actually only on my 8th workout. I didn't do anything on Thursday (oops), and on Sunday, I went for a bike ride with the fam. I should have done both, but to be honest, my muscles were TIRED!

I don't see a difference, but to keep myself honest, here is my day 1 pic (the top) and a pic taken after today's workout (the bottom).

Now, granted, I look a bit better in the 2nd picture because my hair is down and I am smiling. I can smile because the workout has gotten a little less brutal. It is still kicking my butt though. I can't do the full last minute of bicycle abs yet, and I still have to modify the side lunge/lat raise combo, but  I am getting better.

Moving on from workout talk....Easter is near.  This year is going to be different. April 7th marks one year since my Pepaw passed, and Easter falls on the 8th. J, A, and I are going to Albany to see my Memaw. My mom is coming to town as well. I think it will be nice to be together on this weekend, and I know Memaw will appreciate the distraction. I am hoping I will have the courage to go visit the grave. I haven't been there since the days immediately after the funeral.

Moving on from that....I hope to have a water marbling picture (maybe video) tutorial as my next post. So if that is something you are interested in, I will keep you posted!