The 90's

I have been reading a website, A House of Lies, and the author has a series where he is rating the most 90's movie of all time. Every single movie he has review has been one I loved. Ace Ventura, Clueless, Hackers, Encino Man, Speed, Mallrats, and so many more. I know a lot of people love the 80's. I get it, I do! The music and the movies are excellent, and it reminds me of being young. However, my real favorite decade has to be the 90's!

I think part of that comes from having been a tween-teenager during that time. In 1990 I was 7, and in 1999 I was 16, so a lot of my formative years were during that 10 year span. Again, I love all things 80's, but I was too young to appreciate many of them when they were first introduced. My culture touchstones of the 80's were the cartoons, My Little Pony, He-Man, etc. The great movies like Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, even The Goonies, I did not experience until later in my life.

With the 90's, I was fully engaged in pop-culture. That is the great thing about tweens and teenagers, they are hyper aware of what is popular and what is now.

Some of the fashion was dodgy, but that is true of every decade! I love the skirt/knee high combo that Cher Horowitz made popular in Clueless. I also had Doc Martins and hiking boots.

The music was/is great. Some of it is totally crap of course, but again, the same can be said about the 80s, aughts, and so on.

One of my favorite 90's movies is The Saint. My number one reason: Val Kilmer. He was so handsome in that movie.

Now, well he is less beautiful poet, and more someones dad.  You also can not forget how lovely Elizabeth Shue is in this movie. Aside from the beautiful cast, the movie itself is also good. Elizabeth Shue's character is a scientist on the verge of solving/creating cold fusion. Simon Templar (Kilmer) is a master thief who bases his identities on the names of the saints. I mean, that is a cool concept! I know I have admitted in the past that my taste in movies is questionable, but I will argue the merits of this movie with anyone!

Another favorite of mine is Can't Hardly Wait. Obviously these movies are on different ends of the spectrum. Can't Hardly Wait focuses on Ethan Embry's Preston who has been in love with Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt, as if it could be anyone else!) since the first day he saw her. Four years of high school go by, and Preston finally has him moment when Amanda gets dumped by her boyfriend on graduation day. The movie itself falls in to a lot of the 90's cliches, but go back and watch it again. You will be surprised at how many faces you recognize.

Anyway, I don't know what the point of this post really is, but I think we can all agree that Val Kilmer used to be super hot.

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  1. I do miss watching I love the 90's together on VH1!! And yes The Saint is a great movie seeing how we were watching it on HBO just the other day.