Day 10 (But Workout 8) JM 30 Day Shred +Other Stuff!

Okay first things first, today is the tenth day since I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. However, I am actually only on my 8th workout. I didn't do anything on Thursday (oops), and on Sunday, I went for a bike ride with the fam. I should have done both, but to be honest, my muscles were TIRED!

I don't see a difference, but to keep myself honest, here is my day 1 pic (the top) and a pic taken after today's workout (the bottom).

Now, granted, I look a bit better in the 2nd picture because my hair is down and I am smiling. I can smile because the workout has gotten a little less brutal. It is still kicking my butt though. I can't do the full last minute of bicycle abs yet, and I still have to modify the side lunge/lat raise combo, but  I am getting better.

Moving on from workout talk....Easter is near.  This year is going to be different. April 7th marks one year since my Pepaw passed, and Easter falls on the 8th. J, A, and I are going to Albany to see my Memaw. My mom is coming to town as well. I think it will be nice to be together on this weekend, and I know Memaw will appreciate the distraction. I am hoping I will have the courage to go visit the grave. I haven't been there since the days immediately after the funeral.

Moving on from that....I hope to have a water marbling picture (maybe video) tutorial as my next post. So if that is something you are interested in, I will keep you posted!

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