Baseball and Sickness

This past Saturday my little family and I had a great day. J's work has a lot of employee incentives, one of which is the opportunity to have four tickets to a  Rough Riders game. The tickets themselves are great seats, right behind home plate, include all you can eat and drink, a tour of the ballpark, a backpack filled with goodies, and a picture on the field! J entered this year and last, and both years he has won.
A during 2011's game.
The three of us, 2011's game.

This year we decided to invite my mom and step-dad to go with us. We had a very full Saturday planned. A has ballet on Saturdays from 9:15-10:00, our town has an arts/jazz fest the last weekend in April, and I needed to get invites and decorations for A's upcoming birthday party. After ballet, J, A, and I went to the Arts and Jazz fest and enjoyed the music, booths, and food. We headed home around 1:00, right as my mom and C arrived. A went down for a nap at 1:30, and Mom and I headed back to town for the party supplies. While we were out, C and J took naps as well. I wasn't feeling great, but I chalked it up to allergies.

We arrived home at 4:30, basically just in time to get ready to leave for the game. In a weird twist, Mom, C, and J ended up in blue, while A and I wore red.
Is this kid ready for some baseball or what?
Our tickets asked us to arrive at 6:00, we didn't quite make that, but we were close. At 6:15 we were following our tour guide around the stadium. We got to go up to the announcer's booth and see the radio and call people. Then we got to go down onto the field. We even got to sit in the home teams dugout!
We then walked through the bullpen and back to our seats. We stopped at the "Teddy Express" (the all you can eat line that went with our seats) and picked up some dinner. One of my favorite things about the Rough Rider's ballpark is that it is sponsored by Dr. Pepper. This means you can get DP to drink there! So many places are Coke sponsored, it is a nice change of pace for a DP fiend like me.

Our seats were excellent. Maybe 15 rows back right behind home plate. I made the comment that we never get to sit this close when we go to Ranger's games! That is one of many pluses to going to minor league games.
The three of us, 2012.

The game was a rough one, the center fielder, Engel Beltre, had four outstanding diving plays. He was worth the cost alone! (Yes it was free, but you get the point.)

About the 6th inning I was feeling really lousy. I told J, and we decided to leave at the 7th. By the time we got home, I was feeling worse. A felt very warm to me as well. I took A's temperature first. 99. I took my temperature next. 100. Opps.

We both took a dose of medicine and went to bed. I guess our long day wore both of us out!

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