I Think I Had a Point....

Like so many things in my life, I have totally dropped the ball on my Jillian Michael's workouts. It started innocently enough, we went to Albany for Easter, and I left the video at home. Those 3 days off turned into 30 days off. Oops!

It is kind of a habit with me, starting things, then letting them fade away. I am still watching my calories and I have been to the gym a few times, but I know I should do more. Instead, I spend too much time looking at clothes for A on Ebay.

This is what I do. I go from one obsession to another, until I lose interest. First it was Pinterest, then working out, now Ebay. Sheesh. I am lame.

Anyway, moving on from my failures.

I am gearing up for a beach vacation with three of my best friends. I could not be more excited for this (much needed) trip! We have rented a beach house near Gulf Shores. Now, I know, no one really thinks Alabama when they think beach, but given the sizes of our collective wallets, it fit perfectly. I am planning on doing as little as possible. Beach, sleep, beach. While I am gone, J and A are going to see his family. They have a full week planned, so I am pretty confident I won't be missed.

I did take two weekends to find two swimsuits. I almost had a mental breakdown the first weekend. Why in the world is swimsuit shopping so horrible? It is like companies hate us or something. I had a lot better time this weekend though. Part of the problem, I guess, is that I initially went to a smaller mall. The larger mall had a much better selection. I was able to find two cute swimsuits for what I feel is a decent amount of money.

This was a completely random post. I mostly wrote this so that I didn't go two weeks without updating, thereby relegating my blog to another lost interest item in my life. By this time next weekend I will be a 29 year-old with a 3 year old. So there will probably be a "real" post! Enjoy Mother's Day. Take your mom, wife, daughter, self somewhere nice!

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