Just a Few Birthday Pics--Pixies an Pirates

A turned three on Sunday, and we had her party on Saturday. We invited her entire class from school, plus friends. All told there were almost 20 two-four year olds there!!

The theme was Pixies and Pirates.  We had the party at the park near our home and borrowed the bounce house from a friend. We provided the ez-ups, tables, and chairs (with my Mom's help). I found the pirate favors at Party City and all the pixie items came from Halo Heaven. We grilled hot dogs and served cupcakes from Target. I made ranch dip, served with cucumbers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. We had water, lemon aide, and cool aide. Pretty low key, overall.

We also had a bubble station. I set out wands and bowls. We also had a bubble machine. That was very popular!

Obviously, these are not "stylized" professional photos. I took all of these photos with my I-Phone. The original idea for this party came from browsing party blogs. BUT, when you look at those blogs, it is clear that the people throwing those parties are either professionals or very wealthy. I am neither of those things, so this is a very real world version!

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