How to Frame A Mirror

I found the idea on Pinterest first. (Of course.) It was a project every single blog I read swore was super simple, super fast, and super cheap. I will admit that I did not really believe them. Most of the these bloggers do DIY projects all the time. Several of them make their living running a DIY blog. J's and my own DIY skills are somewhat lacking! We have made vast improvments though in the past three years. So it was with a somewhat skeptical heart that J and I entered Lowe's on Saturday morning.

Our shopping list:
4 pieces of trim
Liquid Nails (FOR MIRRORS!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
A miter saw kit

Total Cost: Under 30 dollars!

Well so far, the bloggers were right, it was cheap. Now, to test the fast and easy.

Step 1:
Measure your mirror. Twice. Maybe even three times.

Step 2: Cut your trim to fit the length of your mirror. The end should be cut at a 45 degree angle. You will use the miter saw kit for this. We picked ours up at Lowe's for 8 bucks! It comes with a hand saw and a yellow thing that helps you cut on an angle.

Step 3: If you chose to buy unfinished trim, make sure you paint the back! You will be able to see a small reflection from the back of the trim in the mirror. We actually bought the kind that was already white front and back. We did, however, do one coat of the same white we painted the cabinets, trim, and door just to make sure it matched.

Step 4: If your mirror is hanging on the walls with clips, change them out with washers. We changed one clip at a time. You take the clip off and slide the washer over the screw. This will keep your mirror mounted on the wall without having a big gap where the clip would have been. If you are lucky enough that your mirror is actually glued to your wall, skip this step. (Technical note, J had to put a few craft sticks (popsicle) behind the screw because the washer was not flat. He felt it was better supported that way. It looked horrible, but you obviously can't see it now.)

Step 5: Place the Liquid Nails on the trim. Make sure it says MIRROR! We found this out the hard way. The first time we put the trim up we used Liquid Nails Project, and they did not adhere. We had to go back to Lowe's on Sunday to get the correct kind. Our stupidity will save you from making this mistake!
When putting the Liquid Nails on the trim, be mindful of where the trim will actually be placed. A lot of the tutorials we read said to put the adhesive in the middle of the trim, but the kind we chose had a ridge, so the middle was lower than the sides. For us, it did not make sense to put the glue there. J put it closer to the edge, and we wiped/scraped off any runover.

Step 6: Hold the piece in place for a few minutes to let it set.
We chose to glue directly onto the mirror. Again, this was due to the shape of the trim we chose, the width of our mirror, and the size constraints of the bathroom.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have created your frame!
You can see the Liquid Nail location if you look at the reflection.

You can see our craft stick situation if you look at the top center of this picture!

Step 8: Caulk the seams. This gives the frame a really polished look. It fills in the seams to make it look more like one piece.

Step 9: Enjoy your pretty framed mirror!

Feel free to leave comments or email me if you have any questions!

A's Bathroom Makeover

 It has been a week in the making, but we did it! We gave the Bug's bathroom a major facelift. We did this 100% on our own! I painted the walls, a shower curtain, the trim, the door, and the cabinets. J framed the mirror. I am so happy with how it all turned out! It is a little upsetting to realize that the three year old now has the nicest bathroom in the house though!!

Shower curtain before
Shower curtain after





I did hand paint (via stencil) the shower curtain, and I painted a very subtle scroll on the pink wall.

Post-mortem on Paradise--Or, What I Learned From My Beach Vacation

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about packing for my beach trip, well, I am back now. (Sigh, tear) There were a few key items I managed to forget! So here is what I would take if (when) I go on another beach trip.
  • Swimsuit (at least 2!)
  • Beach towel (at least 2!)
  • Large hat
  • Sunglasses (Cheap!)
  • 50 or higher UVB sunscreen (Spray kind)
  • Earbuds
  • Phone/Ipod
  • Car and home charger for phone
  • Small cooler
  • Airplane/car pillow
  • Trashy magazine
Let me clarify a few things, these are just the items I would take with me to the actual beach! This is not including everything I needed for day-to-day living. The reason for these items:
  • 2 swimsuits--one for the beach, one for the pool/hot tub. Beach sand gets everywhere, even after being washed.
  • 2 towels--see above
  • Large hat--You will look adorable! Also, it keeps your face from melting off.
  • Cheap sunglasses--I watched one of my best friends diving under the sea water searching for her polarized/UV filter lens sunglasses. It was like watching a real life episode of "I Love Lucy". Trust me when I say we all celebrated when she actually found them!
  • SPF 50 plus--Two of my lovely bffs were burned beyond red on day one. This put a slight damper on their level of enjoyment! Reapply ever 30 minutes!!
  • Earbuds/phone/ipod--All four of us forgot our earbuds. Music makes life better. I am pretty sure that is science.
  • Car charger--If you are driving a long distance (our trip was 14 hours one way) you will get bored! This means you will use your phone. It will die!
  • Small cooler--The beach is hot. You will get thirsty.
  • Airplane/Car pillow--Sand is soft, but a pillow is softer.
  • Trashy magazine--Nothing makes it feel like summer than reading about a celebrities "diet secrets".
Additional notes:
  • Braid your hair. A couple of side braids into one larger one will keep you hair out of your face, enable you to wear your hat, and if you are lucky, give you beachy waves when you take it down.
  • Don't worry/bother with makeup while at the beach. Between your over sized sunglasses and your over sized hat, no one will be able to see your face!
  • Have fun! Don't spend so much time worried about what you look like in your swimsuit that your forget the reason you are there.

Tiaras and Toddlers

Monday, Ali from Wardrobe Oxygen posted over on her baby (not really a baby anymore) blog, Me and E. Her post is brilliant! The post is dealing with the judgment of others when raising a stereotypical girly-girl. This is something I know a thing or two about myself....

A is a princess. A ballerina. A fairy. A doctor. An artist. A mommy. For some people, only a few items on this list would be considered okay. For me, they all are. If she wants to be soldier, a cop, a lawyer, a teacher, a baker, an alligator: these would be fine too! She is three, the fantasies of today will be the memories of tomorrow. I know people (not my people) but people, often feel like we are feeding the princess culture and raising our daughters as a detriment to society. How very sad it is to me, that you see my daughter, with a frilly dress, a bow, and maybe wings as a future brat, slut, or worse. Do you not remember your childhood? Possibilities were endless.

Who was your main role model as a young child? If you are a woman, probably your mother. What did your mother (probably) do everyday? She got dressed, did her hair, and did her makeup. Guess what A watches me do everyday? Get dressed, do my hair, and do my makeup. Guess what she wants to do?? Did you  guess the same three things? If so, good, you are getting it! She constantly asks me to let her wear makeup. I always say yes. We usually pretend to put on some mascara and powder, then finish up with lip gloss. She picks out her clothes for school. I open her closet, then she selects. 9 days out of 10, she will pick a dress. To be honest, I love this, it is so much easier!

A has so many dress-up clothes that I had to convert her dresser to a wardrobe. Does this mean she will be shallow and superficial? If I let her wear her plastic heels (of which she has 6 pair) to Target, am I automatically a bad mom? What if I let her wear heels while she hunts bugs with her bug kit in the backyard? Is it okay now? If she has a birthday party and all the boys get pirate outfits and all the girls get fairy outfits, have I reinforced gender roles and damaged 17 children? What if all the girls want to wear the eye patches with their fairy wings and halos, is it okay now?

A took ballet this year. She had a real dance recital. We spent an hour on Sunday curling her hair and putting on her "stage" makeup. J commented that it looked like a real-life episode of Toddlers and Tiaras backstage at the rehearsal. When I was young, I took dance. We had a recital. My mom would spend over an hour curling my hair and fixing my makeup. (She put me in a toddler beauty pageant too! Tsk-tsk) When my mom was young, she took dance. She had a recital. Her mom would spend over an hour curling her hair and fixing her makeup. We all turned out okay. A pre-k aide, a 2nd grade teacher, and a 7th grade teacher, not a real princess, or worse among us.

I don't think this is an easy thing to talk about. People feel very strongly about the way we raise our daughters. In fact, there have been books written about how Disney is trying to steal our daughters away from us. I think that I am rambling a bit, but I have a lot of thoughts on this. So instead of jumping from thought to thought, I am going to direct you to Alison's blog. She is a much better writer than I, and she has articulated these thoughts in a much better way.