Post-mortem on Paradise--Or, What I Learned From My Beach Vacation

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about packing for my beach trip, well, I am back now. (Sigh, tear) There were a few key items I managed to forget! So here is what I would take if (when) I go on another beach trip.
  • Swimsuit (at least 2!)
  • Beach towel (at least 2!)
  • Large hat
  • Sunglasses (Cheap!)
  • 50 or higher UVB sunscreen (Spray kind)
  • Earbuds
  • Phone/Ipod
  • Car and home charger for phone
  • Small cooler
  • Airplane/car pillow
  • Trashy magazine
Let me clarify a few things, these are just the items I would take with me to the actual beach! This is not including everything I needed for day-to-day living. The reason for these items:
  • 2 swimsuits--one for the beach, one for the pool/hot tub. Beach sand gets everywhere, even after being washed.
  • 2 towels--see above
  • Large hat--You will look adorable! Also, it keeps your face from melting off.
  • Cheap sunglasses--I watched one of my best friends diving under the sea water searching for her polarized/UV filter lens sunglasses. It was like watching a real life episode of "I Love Lucy". Trust me when I say we all celebrated when she actually found them!
  • SPF 50 plus--Two of my lovely bffs were burned beyond red on day one. This put a slight damper on their level of enjoyment! Reapply ever 30 minutes!!
  • Earbuds/phone/ipod--All four of us forgot our earbuds. Music makes life better. I am pretty sure that is science.
  • Car charger--If you are driving a long distance (our trip was 14 hours one way) you will get bored! This means you will use your phone. It will die!
  • Small cooler--The beach is hot. You will get thirsty.
  • Airplane/Car pillow--Sand is soft, but a pillow is softer.
  • Trashy magazine--Nothing makes it feel like summer than reading about a celebrities "diet secrets".
Additional notes:
  • Braid your hair. A couple of side braids into one larger one will keep you hair out of your face, enable you to wear your hat, and if you are lucky, give you beachy waves when you take it down.
  • Don't worry/bother with makeup while at the beach. Between your over sized sunglasses and your over sized hat, no one will be able to see your face!
  • Have fun! Don't spend so much time worried about what you look like in your swimsuit that your forget the reason you are there.

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