Felt Bow Headband

Okay so I just posted about taking a break, but I am back! Today I am going to talk to you about making a felt bow headband. This was SUPER easy!

I am not going to post a full tutorial here, but I am going to include the awesome one that I used. Just click here.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of each step, but I will give you my specifics and thoughts on the project. The blog I linked above does have pictures for each step.

Materials Needed:

  • Wool Felt
    • I purchased 35% wool felt from JoAnn's. They have regular felt at craft stores, but the wool felt is a better quality. They have 20%, 35%, and 100%.  It gets pricier as you go higher in wool content. The 100% wool felt was 19.99 a yard!! I bought 1/4 yard of the 35% wool felt. The quarter yard I purchased was enough to make at least five bows. So, you really don't need a lot of material for this.
  • Stretch or Elastic Lace
    • Also purchased at JoAnn's. I went down the trim aisle pulling on lace I liked until I found one with some stretch to it. I bought two yards, and still have a decent amount left after making two complete bow headbands.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
First you cut your wool felt. You will cut two strips, one to make the physical bow, the other to make the wrap for around the middle. I followed the specifications given in the tutorial. You are doing all of the marking and folding on what will become the back side of your bow.The second step is to fold your long strip and to mark the middle. Then you will fold the extra back over.

I want to add a note here, at first I was a bit confused based on the instructions and the picture. What you are doing is folding to the middle but only about a quarter fold. This makes the bubble part of your bow.  You can see the "bubble" in the picture above, where I typed here. So you fold to the middle, but you should have a tail. Do the same thing to the other side. Check and make sure they are even!!

I used hot glue here to glue the fold and also the middle. Then you take the small strip and glue it so it looks a bit like a capital T. The top of the T is the large strip you have already folded and the leg of the T is the small 3 1/2 strip. You then pull the strip around pinching it in to give it a more "bow" shape. (Again, please go to the site at the top! She is much better at explaining and she has pictures!!) You will hot glue it closed on the back.

Now it is time to make the headband. This is  by far the easiest part. Measure your head, your child's head, the head of whomever this is for, then cut your lace about an inch smaller. The lace is elastic, so it will stretch to fit. If you cut it the same size as their head, it will be too loose. Hot glue the ends together. See, easy peasy!

Final step, hot glue your bow onto your lace. I like to glue the bow over where I glued the ends together.

Poof! You are all finished! If you are like me, you are ready to go get more colors of wool felt to make many more bow headbands.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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