My 4 Month Journey--Many More to Go

Today I am posting on something I haven't touched in a while....weight. I am admittedly a bit nervous about talking about this. What if I don't lose anymore? What if I gain this weight back? How do I feel about everyone seeing my giant arms?

That said, the reason I am posting today is because I am at 30* pounds lost over the past four months. These pictures are incredibly embarrassing, but part of this whole journey is about being honest with myself right?

So the outfit is bad. The pants are pajama pants that I bought when I was pregnant with A. They are so comfortable though! The tank top is the same (even though it looks a bit different in the pictures because of lighting), it is also the one I wore when redoing A's bathroom. (You can probably tell that by all the paint on it!) I have also gotten so tan! Ha! The picture quality isn't great either, we have just been using the I-phone. Plus, we can never seem to line up in exactly the same spot each time. My various weekend hairdo's are a nice touch too I think.

Okay, so to the nitty gritty. I have not been exercising the way I should. I completely slacked off on my Jillian Michael's video. I even had a friend write me up a training plan but have yet to do it. I think my results would be fantastic if I would consistently do something active daily. I am trying to get back into the habit. I have spent some time swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and (believe it or not) cleaning the house. I have not touched any weights though, and that is VERY clear when you look at my arms. My arms are the bane of my physical existence. My stomach is not good either, but no one sees it! It is over 100 in TX right now, and the thought of having to wear sleeves makes me sweat. (Although I will say, I thank God daily for whomever it was that invented cardigans.) So I am very glad to feel that I can go out in public without a cardigan over my tank top. (Let me be clear here, I do not judge anyone else for what they wear or how they look in it. I am one of my own worst critics, and I don't ever notice anyones' arms. It is probably also true that I could have been wearing tank tops four months ago and no one would have noticed my arms either.  Read the bottom part of this post, she is such a great blogger!) My arms are still very much a touchy subject for me, not only because of their size, but other reasons as well that I am not ready to talk about on here yet. So one of my goals for the next five months (August-December) is to do some strength training and try to tone up those suckers.

I try very hard to stay at 1200 calories or less. I use this site to track my food and exercise. Some days are great, some days aren't. I had three weeks where I stayed the same, didn't lose a pound. One of those weeks was my vacation, so the fact that I didn't gain is a miracle! I am trying to not get weird about my eating or the number on the scale. It is hard though. I know when I get in a rut I feel down. I am trying to remind myself that it is the overall loss that matters. I have gone down three sizes, and am hoping to go down two more. Maybe three...we will see. I am not going to stress though if I don't get there.

When I set my 30 Before 30 list, one of my goals was to lose 35 pounds. I am going to adjust that. My goal now is to lose 50 total pounds before my 30th birthday. (I have changed a few other goals as well based on my current reality) I think 20 additional pounds over 10 months is totally doable!

My immediate goals (hope to complete by December)
  • Begin a regular (3 x's a week) strength training program
  • Start back to regular (3 x's a week) cardio program
  • Stick to my 1000-1200 cals a day
  • Cut back on Dr. Pepper (I feel like this is ALWAYS one of my goals.)
  • Lose an additional 10 pounds (or more)

*Okay so it is bouncing between 28 and 30, but a girl can round up right?


  1. Always round up!

    You look amazing. You are doing amazing. YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Congrats on how far you have come, and I'm cheering for you in the next several months. I wish I had thought to do pics every month. I have a before-ish pic, so we'll just have to see what the end result is.

    Also, I feel you on the arms... Found a workout plan on preventions' website that I want to try... Maybe it'll help.

    Anyway... You look great. Keep it up! It's super inspiring!!!

    1. Thank you Keren! Your journey too, has been very inspirational! I am loving your blog posts. I can't wait to see pics of your end results as well.

  2. You've inspired me. I have been full of excuses of why I 'can't' go work out. Now, to just make it a habit. You look great...and, most importantly, seem happy! Good work!

    1. Thank you so much! I am feeling very good.