It Is A Funny Thing, Life.

I always think it is interesting how life turns out. I thought I knew what I wanted at 18. I had a plan, and by gum, I was going to make it happen. Instead, real life happened, and my plan fell apart. The career I was planning lost my interest, the boy I thought was right for me, was right for someone else, yadda yadda yadda. BUT through an odd series of events, I met a nice guy. This nice guy became a good friend, then a casual date, and then something more.

August 2001--Came to UNT for school, lived in the dorm.
I lived in West Hall. At the time, West Hall was alone on campus. It was on the far far far side, across the soccer fields. It creates a unique living situation for those that reside there, make friends at West, or remain friendless. My first year, I mostly remained friendless. I did meet the Stephs, but other than that, I kept to myself. I went home on the weekends, and went home for the summer.

August 2002--Returned to UNT for school, lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment.
When I returned for my second year of school I decided to get an apartment rather than live at West again. I was able to find a job, so the (cheap) rent wasn't a problem. The (cheap) apartment was sub-par, but, it was good (cheap) for me. I was working most weekends, so no more trips home. I found myself single and friendless in November. I initially came to UNT to be an English major (more full circle journeys!), but for a brief moment I thought I wanted to be an Elementary teacher. I took some basics in the fall, and then dived in to some child development classes for the spring. In January of 2003, I started my child development classes. Oddly enough, one of the Stephs from West was in it too! She invited me to come visit her and I took her up on it. Steph introduced me to Ang. Ang and I pretty much clicked right off the bat, and from that point on, I was a ghost resident at West Hall. It was like a chance to redo my Freshman year. Together we made friends with a lot of different people at West, including a group of boys.

J, me, one of J's roommates, and Ang at a party in my apartment circa 2003.

One of the perks of living off campus? No dorm curfews! So while we initially met our friends at West, the larger gatherings eventually moved to my little apartment. (Serious side note here, I hated those child development classes, I made 3 F's and a D this semester, and was still the happiest I had been in a very long time.) I stayed the summer, Ang went back home, but we decided to move in together when school started back in the Fall.

August 2003--More UNT, lived with two other ladies, one floor below the guy who would (three years later) become my husband.
We moved into a 3 bedroom condo with Mel, apt #108. Apartment #208 was occupied by that same group of boys we had befriended at West!

The boys of 208 and me on my 20th birthday May 2003.
Eventually, J and I begin dating. (I still didn't know what I wanted to do school wise, I went through an Art phase, another waste of credits and money. I did get back on track after this year though.) Ang began dating her now-husband during this time too. We all hung out together, the ladies of 108, the boys of 208, plus a few friends who always crashed at one of our apartments. It was a great time.

One day in April of 2005 I came home to a surprise. Flowers and a note. I don't remember the date. I don't even remember what the note said (I'm not totally callus, it is in my hope chest) except the important part :"Will you marry me?"

August 12th, 2006--J and I said our vows (outdoor in August!!) in my hometown in front of our friends and families.

My beautiful bridesmaids.
J and his groomsmen.
Our wedding.

Six years have passed since that day, we have a daughter, two dogs, and a home. We have a life. It wasn't my plan, but I think it worked out for me in the end.

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