My Left Foot

Yesterday when I arrived home, I opened the car door. This is not unusual, I mean the door has to be opened for me to get out of the car. I opened the car door, then began to gather my belongings to take in to the house. I stuck my left foot out a ways preparing to exit when suddenly the door slammed shut. It caught me in the Lisfranc (not Lisa Frank) and Cuboid regions of my foot. I know this because almost exactly 6 years ago I injured this same area!!

Diagram for reference, found here.

In July of 2006, a group of my friends and I went to St. Louis. (We had gone to the last Mavs game of the season, and as appreciation for the fans, AA gave away one free airline ticket to everyone there. However, the tickets were only good for the Love Field AA, which meant a choice of Kansas City, St. Louis, Austin, or San Antonio. Given those options, St. Louis seemed the best bet.) None of us had ever been, but we did a little research to find things to do while there. We saw the Arch, went to the zoo, even got to see "Lionel Levy" play a free concert in the park under the Arch. (Lyle Lovett, the man who told us about the event improvised the name a little.) One of the girls had heard of a place called the City Museum. We decided to go there on our last night in St. Louis.

The City Museum was very neat. It is unlike any typical museum you have ever been to, and we had a really good time, that is until The Incident.

Presented without words, a pictorial representation of "The Incident".

(Starting again with words now.)

If you can't tell by the looks on our faces, that ball pit was not as deep as we thought it was. It was in fact, the toddler ball pit and had only one layer of balls. Mand and I jumped off the bench expecting to land several layers deep, instead we landed on concrete. My left foot landed topside down.

I kept saying, I don't think I can walk! Eventually though I did make my way out of the ball pit from Hell. We went back to our hotel, packed our bags, and went to sleep. The next morning when I woke, my foot looked like this:

In case you can't tell, that is swollen. I have always had fairly thin feet, even at my heaviest weight, so it was immediately noticeable that something was wrong. I flew home, and by the time J picked us up at the airport, I was having to hop.

That night we went to the emergency room. (Keep in mind this was about two weeks before my upcoming wedding!) The guy working at the emergency room took X-rays, said nothing was broken, told me to ice it, and sent me home in a walking orthotic shoe. To be honest, I was thankful!! There was no way in the world I would have let them put me in a cast anyway, so I felt glad knowing that is was probably just a sprain and my foot would be normal by the time I was set to walk down the aisle. (My reasons for not wanting a cast? A honeymoon in Hawaii!!)

Well, two weeks came, and I still could not walk without limping, my foot was still slightly swollen, and I was still using that ugly walking orthotic shoe.
It is what all the fashion forward brides were wearing that year.
J and I went to Hawaii, moved into a new apartment, and went back to school/work. About two weeks after this, I couldn't take the pain anymore, so we made an appointment with a specialist. She did an MRI and another round of X-Rays, and guess what she found....

Four micro fractures that had healed themselves, badly. Wait? What?  I had been walking on a fractured foot for two months! The emergency room missed four fractures? How was that possible?

As it turns out, that is incredibly common with Lisfranc injuries. They often don't show up in X-Rays until much later. By the time mine showed up, they had already begun to heal, and unfortunately for me, they were healing in the wrong places. A few of the fragmented pieces were now on top of other pieces of bone. My Lisfranc ligament was stretched out as well. I found I was able to point my toes, but trying to flex them was still very painful.

The doctor gave me my options: surgery or physical therapy and a much larger walking boot. I chose pt and the boot. (If I could go back in time I would 100% choose surgery.) The walking boot went to my knee and had a rocker bottom. After I was out of the boot, I had a hard insert I had to put in my shoes.

Fast forward six years. My foot has given me problems since I fractured it. When the weather changes, when I wear flip flops, when I wear heels, or when I am on my feet too long, my foot hurts. Some days I barely notice it, other days it feels like it just happened. Right now, as I am typing this, my foot is aching. The bridge of my left foot through the Lisfranc joint are slightly puffy. Obviously having the car door slam shut on a healthy foot doesn't feel good, and in this case, I'd say I am at a level 7. I am going to play the waiting game; if by Friday the swelling hasn't gone down then I will call a doctor.

Until then I have two pieces of advice for those of you who are still reading at this point:
#1--If you hurt your foot, go to a specialist.
#2--Make sure any ball pit you play in has more than one layer!

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