Oh Sweet Un-Updated Blog!

I started back to work this week and have been a little overwhelmed! I think I had a plan for a post, but I don't remember what it was now! It is crazy how our brains can hold so much long term, but short term, little things seem to get bumped for bigger information. (I don't know if there is any science to back up my claim, and I am too lazy to google, so don't base your next thesis off what I said.)

So random things first:

Three outfit posts

Dress: Old Navy. This one is no longer available, but this is a similar one, at a similar price!
Cardigan: Target, bought on clearance. Old Navy has a good alternative.
Shoes: Target as well. They have a darker brown in store now.
Shoe Clips: Made by me!

Shirt: Macy's
Cardigan: Target Best thing about this cardi, it has pockets!
Skirt: Bought off Ebay over the summer, originally from Target.
Shoes: BCBG Generation, bought on clearance.

Cardigan:New York and Co
Shirt: Similar I bought my top last year at Macy's.
Shoes: Rocketdog, bought on clearance.

I am going to try and post outfits once a week. I don't know yet if they will be their own post, or part of a larger one. Trial and error right? 

Lately I have been dreaming of living in a place with four discernible seasons. (I think I feel this way every August.) I blame Pinterest! People start pinning Fall clothing and it makes me sad, because we don't get a real "Fall" here. We don't get a lot of Spring either. It is mostly Summer, one month of cold, then more Summer. I love cold weather though. I like to snow ski, I like fireplaces, I like hats and gloves and scarves. Ah well, unless I ever seriously start to plan a move, it is just a dream.

Moving on.

Not much to say right now, I hope if you are reading this, you will stick through this case of the blahs.

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