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If I had thought about it, I probably would have called my blog The Scatterbrain Blog. I don't have a set pattern for posts, I don't stick to one topic, and often a post that begins one way ends another.

I can be focused or scatterbrained. It just depends on what I am working on at the moment. Right now my attention is split between making headbands, rosettes, and tutu dresses, getting A ready for back to school, getting myself ready for back to school, and getting back in to a workout pattern. (This doesn't include normal life things either, you know, like cleaning.)That is a lot for one person to work on all at one, and it seems like I am doing better in some areas than others (again see cleaning).

I can't even stick to one type of flower!
I am also trying to enjoy my last few days off before the school year officially starts. We took A bowling on Sunday, she and I are going shopping with my mom on Thursday, and we are supposed to meet with my dad for a play date on Friday. Saturday ballet begins for the new year. Sunday is our 6 year wedding anniversary. At some point in all this I have to go get A's school supplies too. I'm not complaining, in fact, I am thrilled that we have a lot going on! (I know it isn't reading this way, but it is how I feel.)
I am going to really try this year to do outfit posts once a week. I know a lot of you don't care, but I like them, I think they are fun. I am going to try to do one additional post a week as well related to whatever. But I am not making any promises. All I can really commit to is today. So with that said, tonight I am going to make steak kabobs and do my Jillian Michael's video for the first time in months. (I have a friend who wrote me out a workout as well, so I may do that one instead.) I am going to finish the rosettes I am making for a friend and the ones I am making for my Memaw. I am going to do one load of laundry. And that is all.

Tomorrow I will try to tackle something else. Unless my scatterbrain gets the better of me.

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