Just What I Needed!

This weekend A went to her Gigi's house. This meant J and I had a weekend to ourselves! It is rare that we get an entire weekend during the school year because we are all so busy, plus A has ballet on Saturday mornings.

But....last Sunday one of my friends sent me a text saying she had extra tickets to a live show Friday, would we be interested? Normally I would say no, I think it is important for A to go to her ballet class, and I also know how fast weekend time goes. The concert sounded so fun though, that I couldn't refuse. So in stepped Gigi. (Thanks Mom!) We took A to meet her after school on Friday, then made our way to the House of Blues.

I hadn't ever been to the hob before, so it was a fun chance to do something different. We saw Stan Halen and Graceland Ninjaz. Obviously Stan Halen is a Van Halen tribute band, but they also played Rush, Gun N' Roses, and Bon Jovi. I love cover bands because you already know all the songs!!

Graceland Ninjaz are a mash-up band, and they preform their own songs as well. The lead singer dresses as Elvis, sings like Elvis, but the songs are mash-ups. For an example, see the video below, which is Baby Sandman.

I can honestly say that it was the most fun I have ever had at a concert. I danced and sang along. Everyone in the crowd was having a good time, and that kind of energy feeds the band as well. I am already planning on seeing them again when they are back!

Saturday I changed up my hair. Since it is fall, I felt it was time to go a little darker. (I always do it seems.) I took a poll on Facebook and the majority said red, so red it is. It isn't photographing too clearly, but it is pretty red overall. I added copper red and chocolate brown. Next time I will probably do two shades of red. Hopefully it won't fade out too fast!
J and I went out to dinner and then saw Looper. It was very good. Mind bending, but good. This weekend flew by, but it was great to have a few nights of fun, with fewer responsibilities than the usual. Now it is Sunday, A is home, groceries are bought, laundry is running, and J is watching football. I typical Sunday for sure!

Clothes from last week:

Work look from Wednesday. Ooof bad pictures!! This dress looks better in person, I think.
Dress: Macy's
Cardigan: New York and Co
Necklace: New York and Co although, in the future I would go for the "J. Crew" bubble necklace on Ebay.
Shoes: These leopard flats are basically house shoes! I went for comfort. These look similar.

Work look from Thursday. 
Top: I got my shirt at Old Navy last year. This one doesn't really look like it, but it does have the tie back feature that mine has. This is closer in color, but still not quite right.
Cardigan: Target
Pants: New York and Co These are actually ankle length pants, but of course on me, they work as regular pants.
Shoes: Really old, not sure what brand. These are sort of close.
Necklace: Freebie from another teacher.

Date night look.
Top: Macy's on sale now!
Layered Tank: Mine was from Old Navy. This is similar.
Jeans: Macy's these are a darker wash than mine, but it is the same brand.
Boots: My mom's closet! I have been eyeballing these boots for two years, and my whining finally paid off. These from Target are similar.

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