Plans and Stress

I feel like I have nothing to say! It is crazy. Work has eaten up a huge hole in my life lately, and that of course impacts my blogging. So rather than rehash what was a terrible, horrible, no good week I will instead tell you what I am looking forward to in the next weeks.

*Edited to add* Now on the 28th I have very exciting plans! We are taking A to her Gigi's and J and I are going to a show at the House of Blues. Graceland Ninjaz. No idea, except that a friend invited us, and it sounded fun!
The 29th I have a hair appointment. I love getting my hair fixed, my hair is so dang thick, it takes me a long time to flat iron it myself. I always feel very pampered when someone else does it for me.

The 6th we are having a garage sale. I am hoping to sell the rest of A's baby clothes and items, maybe even a few of my old things as well. That same day, A has a birthday party at the gym where she takes gymnastics, so I know that will be a busy day.

The 13th we are headed home for homecoming. I am so excited to take A to her first pep rally! I even made her a mum this weekend to wear with her cheerleader suit.

I hope that with all these busy weekends, cooler weather decides to show up as well! We had a little taste a few weekends ago, but the 90's have returned full force. I love fall and winter, so I am feeling more than over this summer heat.

At some point we will go to either a pumpkin patch or arboretum. I love Halloween, and need to get on the ball as far as making A's costume goes! I also need to pick up the slack on a dress I am making for a friend, the rosettes my Memaw asked for, and the necklaces others have requested.

I am having a hard time with stress lately. I don't really know why I can't process and handle stress the way others can, but I need to find a better outlet. I have always wondered why some people can take stress in stride, while I seem to be constantly crippled by it. I am letting projects that I have committed myself to slip to the side, and that is not like me. Hopefully this week will have less craziness and I can get myself back on track. It is a strange cycle, you know. I make these commitments, then my normal work throws a kink into my plans, so I feel stress. Then because I can't meet my commitments, I feel more stress, which of course slows down my regular work as well.

 Dress: Old Navy, similar at Piperlime
Cardigan: Target, similar style Target
Necklace: Webster for Target
Shoes: Found on the sale rack at Macy's these are similar.
Shoeclips: Made by me

A's Outfit:
Smocked dress originally by Zuccini, bought at an amazing 2nd hand shop.

Cardigan: New York and Co
Top: Loft Mine is obviously black and tan, the link is blue, but the shirt is the same otherwise!
Pants: New York and Co
Necklace: From New York and Co, I was going for the "J.Crew bubble" look. When I do finally get one, it will be from Ebay for sure!
Shoes: Same 5 dollar ones from a local kids resale.

A's Outfit:
Gymnastics leotard!

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