Stripes, Leopards, and Flowers. Oh My!

Cardigan: Target, but I just bought this one from New York and Co. I love the cardigans from Target because of the pockets, but I like the overall look of the NYC one better.
Dress:Old Navy (recent in store purchase), this one at Old Navy isn't exactly the same, mine is actually sleeveless. 
Belt: Some no-name store at the mall. I have already upgraded to a true red belt like this one from Macy's. 
Shoes: I bought mine at Macy's on clearance, but these Jessica Simpson ones have the same round toe and shine.
Necklace: Made by me!

This outfit was from September 4th. I had dinner with two of my best friends and our families. J and I are car-pooling this year, so we went directly from work to dinner. I normally wouldn't be so "dressed" for burgers, but it is always nice to be a little fancy!

Cardigan: Same as above post!
Top: Old Navy, not sure if this print is still in stock.
Pants: Old Navy (purchased over 5 years ago), but these are similar.
Shoes: These are Karen Kane, similar here.
Necklace: Made by me for my mom, but I test drove it for her. 

A lot of people comment when my hair is curly, most seem to like it, but I feel so unpolished and frumpy! I really wish I could embrace my curls, but I'm afraid the flat iron is my true love.


Night Look--
Blazer: Sears! I can't believe it either. Similar here
Top: Old Navy. Similar here 
Jeggins: Celebrity Pink from Macy's 
Heels: Kid Re-Sale Shop, these are close. Mine are actually suede-ish.
Necklace: Shop in Albany, this one is very similar

Work Look--
Blazer: Same as above
Shoes: I started the day in the shiny round toe heels, but by the end of the day I was in these flats. I found them at DSW a few years ago. These are the closest I could find, and unfortunately, they are pricey.  
Necklace: This one is the same design, just brown rather than orange. This one is orange, but not the same design. 

I wore the night look out for J's 30th birthday party. I felt a little over dressed, but eventually, people showed up to the place (where we were) in all sorts of outfits. For work, I used the blazer to cover up a black shift (sheath?) dress. I loved this dress in the store so much I bought it in blue too!

Cardigan: This is the one from New York and Co.
Top: This one is close. I actually found mine at Macy's in the junior department. 
Belt: Same link as the black and white dress picture.
Pants: New York and Co
Shoes: Shiny and black again
Necklace: Me

I am going to chalk part of this bad photo to the fact that it had been a rough day. At the time this photo was taken I had been out and about for over 13 hours. It really does make me rethink wearing this particular outfit again though. Crazy how you can think something is working until you finally see what everyone else saw. Maybe a skinnier belt? Or maybe that shirt just becomes a weekend shirt.

Cardigan: Target. I bought it on clearance this summer. This one from Target is similar. 
TopOld Navy but hurry! They are on clearance! If they run out, this one is cute.
PantsOld Navy petites online. Honestly though, I would really like a pair that looked more like these.
Shoes: Target at the end of last school year. I couldn't find anything I liked well enough to link. Sorry!
Hair: French fish--French braid across the back of my head (only picked up from the bottom) then turned into a fishtail. 

I would like to thank J for taking my picture all the time. Maybe next time, he will let me know if my pant leg is tucked in my shoe. Also, these outfits were taken over two weeks. There were a few days where I forgot to take an outfit pic; I don't wear the same black cardigan everyday I swear!

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