Not So Scary Movies

If there is one thing that is 100% true about me, it is this--I hate being scared. I hate scary movies. I hate haunted houses. I hate that panicky feeling I get. BUT, I love Halloween! (What can I say, I am a contradiction.) I have friends (and a mom) who love scary things, but not me. I am a chicken at heart. I think I have been to two haunted houses ever (I worked in one my senior year for Senior Club, but I knew it was us doing the scaring.) I have seen one Jason/Freddy movie, that one where they fight each other, and I did not see that until I was 20 years old. 
Bunny M. I wasn't ever a chicken, this is the only animal costume picture I could find!

With that, here are my top ten favorite (Not scary at all) Halloween movies! 

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer--I love the series too, but it is actually a little scary. The Kristie Swanson/Luke Perry movie version is pure fluff and fun, which makes it perfect in my book!

9. Practical Magic--Love this movie! I hate the part at the start, you know which part, but love the ending. 

8. Death Becomes Her--This was one of my favorite movies when I was 10. I don't know what that says about me. 

7.  Young Frankenstein--"I am not a Frankenstein. I'm a Fronkensteen." 

6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show--So strange. So off. So awesome.

5. Any Harry Potter film--They just have that Halloween vibe to them.

4. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown--The best part about this is watching it with A. Plus it is only a half hour long!

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas--One of the most beautiful and original movies I've seen. 

2. Shaun of the Dead--This one is actually a little scary, so there. But I still love it. 

1. Hocus Pocus--I can't wait until A is a bit older, so she and I can bunker down on Halloween night to watch this one together!
Bunny A. Halloween 2011--Age 2.

Honorable Mention: Army of Darkness--I didn't know about the greatness of Bruce Campbell until college (thanks Ang!!) but once I learned about him, I quickly fell in love. I even own his autobiography. It seems inappropriate to leave him off my list.

Halloween With a Side of Christmas

On the 19th we went to a local fall festival, and A got to try out this year's Halloween costume.

A bumble bee! This one was very fun to make! I am still working on the straps, playing with the placement and width. The top is a 5 inch black tube-top with two 1.5 inch headbands on top. I used fabric glue to fold the headbands in half, it gave the stripes a bit more dimension. I used black and yellow tulle and gold organza to make the tutu. We lucked into the tights at JoAnn's of all places. The headband and stinger came from Target, the wings from a shop in Frisco, and the bow for a shop in Albany. I can't decide if I am happy with the length or the fullness, but overall I'm pretty happy with this costume. This is my 2nd year to make A's costume (she was Bunny Tutu last year) I am hoping to get a few better quality shots of A as a bee this weekend, but who knows!

For the last few weeks A has been asking to listen to Christmas music. Her favorite Christmas song is currently "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"! I find that to be hilarious, but listening to it three or four times before 7:00 am has made it less so. We have been talking to her about Christmas too. She has cried and refused to take Santa pics the last two years, so we have been trying to help her understand that Santa Claus is a nice man. Tonight at dinner we explained the way Santa gets in the house (she asked). Yes, we are perpetrating the "Santa myth" to our daughter. I firmly believe in the magic and wonder of Santa Claus. My parents had a rule, if you didn't believe in Santa, you didn't get presents. I think the idea of someone who loves others enough to reward their good behavior is a message worth sharing. (I'm not looking for a mommy/religious/holiday war so please do not email me about why I am a bad person.) This quote sums up pretty much my entire family's view on Christmas and St. Nick.
Found via Pinterest linked from Lynn Warner's blog.

I think this year the holidays will be amazing. She is at this wonderful age where she is just starting to understand what the traditions, myths, and meanings are. Today I taught her "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" She thought this was hilarious, and that I was a genius. I am going to cherish these moments while they last.

And in what has been a dropped ball (imagine that!) I have a few outfit posts.

Top: Old Navy last year, but I really want this one from The Limited. 
Pants: New York and Co, this link goes to the blue ones.
Necklace: Made by me
Shoes: Macy's on clearance

I wore this outfit to work last week, and it was very colorful. The print is pink,coral, red, and yellow birds. If you look at my outfit you can see red, coral, and yellow. I didn't have anywhere to sport pink, but overall I liked the effect. I'm not crazy about the actual button up shirt, but I really like the print.

Cardigan: Target
Tunic: Macy's, this is the closest I could find for less than $50.00.
Leggings: Mine were from Old Navy, these are close.
Boots: Stolen from my mom.

Truth? I swore. SWORE. I would never wear tights/leggings as pants, yet here I am in the year 2012 doing exactly that. I bought this tunic last year, and wore it over jeans. However, my weight loss has made it long enough that it is almost dress length. I felt brave enough to wear it out this weekend with a pair of gray leggings that I bought last year from Old Navy to work out in. Crazy how things change! Also, isn't it crazy how an angle changes the way you look in a picture? These were literally taken two days apart, but I think I look very different.

Small Town, Big Memories

This weekend I went home. It is a funny thing, to call a place I have not lived in 11 years "home", but Albany will always be just that. It is even stranger when I think about the fact that I only lived in Albany for 7 years. It always feels like I was raised there. I don't know if that is because I spent my summers there before we moved, or if it is because the 7 years I lived there (on a day to day basis) were my teenage ones. (Technically I lived in Archer City longer, but I would never say that was home.)

On Saturday I left the house early and alone. I had a few places I wanted to visit by myself. The first place on my list was my Pepaw. I have to say, maybe I am biased, but his plot in the cemetery is really lovely. It may be the best spot in the whole place. It is at the top of a hill, has a tree for shade, and is perfectly angled to watch the sun rise.

After that, I went by my old house. (Yes, I stopped and took a picture, but it is okay...I know the people that live there now.)
My house was small, ugly, and perfect. It only had two bedrooms when we moved in, so we had to add a wall to create a room for mom. It still has only one bathroom, which was a pain! The bathroom had a marbled floor that was yellow and green. It also had a pocket door that separated the counter and sink from the toilet and shower area. The wall paper in both rooms was black and white trees, which when the lights were off and the gas stove lit, gave it a very creepy vibe! My bedroom had purplish-navyish carpet and one wall of blue velvet wall paper. Brother's room was red, blood red. Every other room had green carpet. It was truly hideous, but I can not imagine growing up anywhere else. (I feel the same way about my Memaw's house. It has a pink room and a blue room.) You can't see the car port or the giant shed that is on the other side. It also has a curved drive, I can remember crashing into the basketball goal at least once (maybe twice....).

After my house I headed back downtown, and to the most iconic of Albany images, the courthouse.

This was taken later that night, after dinner.

I was married on the courthouse lawn in the gazebo.

Because it was homecoming, I also took a quick trip up high school hill.
I remember painting the streets my senior year.

It is crazy how a trip home can stir up memories that have been dormant for years. I thought about Senior Club and the haunted house we put on to raise money, One Act Play my junior year (we did The Diviners), learning how to ski out on the lake, and roller-blading around the courthouse and down high school hill. I thought about my teachers, my classmates, and the 100's of other people who showed up to support us as we grew. I remembered selling donuts at the stop light at 5:00 in the morning, and people actually stopping and buying them from us. I thought about Fandangle, and the chill I still feel the last two weekends in June knowing that Prairie Land is being sung. 

I harbor the dream that someday, somehow, I will get to go back home for good. Until that day, I have my memories to sustain me.

A Trip to the Aquarium

Well hello! I was doing so well with updating weekly, then two weeks went by with nothing! Sorry! I am heading out of town this weekend for homecoming, so I thought I would update with something before it was three weeks of no news.

Last weekend was jam packed. On Saturday morning we had a garage sale. The weather was under 50, which of course, for TX is what we consider cold. After the garage sale we went to a birthday party for one of A's classmates.

My beautiful fish face.

On Sunday we meet up with J's dad. He had come in to town for the state fair, and the aquarium was near to his hotel. J and I had been to the Dallas World Aquarium once before, ages ago, when we were still dating. In the years since that visit, they have done an amazing job expanding the aquarium!

About a year ago, we took A to the SeaLife aquarium in Grapevine. I can honestly say the Dallas one was much better, and it was more affordable. The aquarium has more than just fish as well. We saw small strange monkeys (including one that looked like The Lorax!), tons of bird (including penguins), and even sloths! A was able to feed a small toucan a blueberry. She held her palm out, and the little guy just stole it off her hand.

A and her awesome dad!
We spent a good 10 minutes watching the giant otters swim and play with the ball. Another 10 (maybe more) was spent in front of the display that contained fish that looked very similar to Nemo and Dory.
Looking in the big tank at the giant catfish type fish, turtles, and manatees.

No idea what this bird is, but it looked like a bumble bee.

Checking something out.


Jellyfish. She was very excited to see these.

Family shot.