A Trip to the Aquarium

Well hello! I was doing so well with updating weekly, then two weeks went by with nothing! Sorry! I am heading out of town this weekend for homecoming, so I thought I would update with something before it was three weeks of no news.

Last weekend was jam packed. On Saturday morning we had a garage sale. The weather was under 50, which of course, for TX is what we consider cold. After the garage sale we went to a birthday party for one of A's classmates.

My beautiful fish face.

On Sunday we meet up with J's dad. He had come in to town for the state fair, and the aquarium was near to his hotel. J and I had been to the Dallas World Aquarium once before, ages ago, when we were still dating. In the years since that visit, they have done an amazing job expanding the aquarium!

About a year ago, we took A to the SeaLife aquarium in Grapevine. I can honestly say the Dallas one was much better, and it was more affordable. The aquarium has more than just fish as well. We saw small strange monkeys (including one that looked like The Lorax!), tons of bird (including penguins), and even sloths! A was able to feed a small toucan a blueberry. She held her palm out, and the little guy just stole it off her hand.

A and her awesome dad!
We spent a good 10 minutes watching the giant otters swim and play with the ball. Another 10 (maybe more) was spent in front of the display that contained fish that looked very similar to Nemo and Dory.
Looking in the big tank at the giant catfish type fish, turtles, and manatees.

No idea what this bird is, but it looked like a bumble bee.

Checking something out.


Jellyfish. She was very excited to see these.

Family shot.

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