Halloween With a Side of Christmas

On the 19th we went to a local fall festival, and A got to try out this year's Halloween costume.

A bumble bee! This one was very fun to make! I am still working on the straps, playing with the placement and width. The top is a 5 inch black tube-top with two 1.5 inch headbands on top. I used fabric glue to fold the headbands in half, it gave the stripes a bit more dimension. I used black and yellow tulle and gold organza to make the tutu. We lucked into the tights at JoAnn's of all places. The headband and stinger came from Target, the wings from a shop in Frisco, and the bow for a shop in Albany. I can't decide if I am happy with the length or the fullness, but overall I'm pretty happy with this costume. This is my 2nd year to make A's costume (she was Bunny Tutu last year) I am hoping to get a few better quality shots of A as a bee this weekend, but who knows!

For the last few weeks A has been asking to listen to Christmas music. Her favorite Christmas song is currently "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"! I find that to be hilarious, but listening to it three or four times before 7:00 am has made it less so. We have been talking to her about Christmas too. She has cried and refused to take Santa pics the last two years, so we have been trying to help her understand that Santa Claus is a nice man. Tonight at dinner we explained the way Santa gets in the house (she asked). Yes, we are perpetrating the "Santa myth" to our daughter. I firmly believe in the magic and wonder of Santa Claus. My parents had a rule, if you didn't believe in Santa, you didn't get presents. I think the idea of someone who loves others enough to reward their good behavior is a message worth sharing. (I'm not looking for a mommy/religious/holiday war so please do not email me about why I am a bad person.) This quote sums up pretty much my entire family's view on Christmas and St. Nick.
Found via Pinterest linked from Lynn Warner's blog.

I think this year the holidays will be amazing. She is at this wonderful age where she is just starting to understand what the traditions, myths, and meanings are. Today I taught her "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" She thought this was hilarious, and that I was a genius. I am going to cherish these moments while they last.

And in what has been a dropped ball (imagine that!) I have a few outfit posts.

Top: Old Navy last year, but I really want this one from The Limited. 
Pants: New York and Co, this link goes to the blue ones.
Necklace: Made by me
Shoes: Macy's on clearance

I wore this outfit to work last week, and it was very colorful. The print is pink,coral, red, and yellow birds. If you look at my outfit you can see red, coral, and yellow. I didn't have anywhere to sport pink, but overall I liked the effect. I'm not crazy about the actual button up shirt, but I really like the print.

Cardigan: Target
Tunic: Macy's, this is the closest I could find for less than $50.00.
Leggings: Mine were from Old Navy, these are close.
Boots: Stolen from my mom.

Truth? I swore. SWORE. I would never wear tights/leggings as pants, yet here I am in the year 2012 doing exactly that. I bought this tunic last year, and wore it over jeans. However, my weight loss has made it long enough that it is almost dress length. I felt brave enough to wear it out this weekend with a pair of gray leggings that I bought last year from Old Navy to work out in. Crazy how things change! Also, isn't it crazy how an angle changes the way you look in a picture? These were literally taken two days apart, but I think I look very different.

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